The most outrageous, expensive gifts possible. Bring deep pockets.


What if… there were no limits, to the imagination or the bank account? What if … anything were possible? What if … you could give something truly fantastical? You can. We did. Herewith, gifts that fulfill the ‘What ifs’… photographs by MAXINE HELFMAN | styling by BRITTANY WINTER       BIG NAME, BIG GAME, BIG BANG Is that philanthropist Sistie Stollenwerck brandishing a Beretta? It is — and you’re off to hunt wild boars outside Budapest with the two of them. Both are straight-shooting pieces of work: One is a 20-gauge, steel-barreled Italian masterpiece with a fine walnut stock and intricate etchings, signed by a master engraver. The other is a sassy, can-do character with a house full of hunting trophies and boundless volunteer spirit, from fine East Texas lumber-pioneer stock. Put them together on 80,000 acres in Hungary for a boar hunt next November and, well, you’re going to have a blast. Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo, $130,000, Beretta Gallery, 41 Highland Park Village, Dallas, 214-559-9800. Beretta Gallery expedition to Hungary, Nov. 30 to Dec. 6, 2013, $6,850 per hunter, reservations 212-583-1864. Sistie Stollenwerck, no charge.  —Rob Brinkley BRIGHT IDEAS, DAILY Air. Perspective. A start. Is there anything more stimulating than something truly fresh? Imagine the same for your household linens, every day of the year, from a place that has been fluffing and puffing since 1941. At $2.75 per pound per day, the 15 pounds shown here will run you $14,600 yearly — but what price exhilaration? Ask for two things: the brown paper wrapping (it’s far more chic than plastic) and Edna (she’s in charge of new beginnings). Sunshine Laundry and Dry Cleaning, 4114 Maple Ave., Dallas, 214-521-9921  —Rob Brinkley ARCHITECTURE YOU CAN SINK YOUR TEETH INTO Melts in your mouth. Boggles the mind. Fetishize your favorite building, even your house, in 20 pounds of Swiss white chocolate. We commissioned our new obsession, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, from the patient, tempering hands of executive pastry chef Randy Gehman of the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. He even rendered the Perot’s eye-catching glass bits from boiled-and-cast sugar. Appetite whetted? Estimates are complimentary; prices vary based on size and labor. Our object of confection, shown here, $8,000. 972-717-0700, —Christopher Wynn A WHOLE NEW YOU Nip, tuck, plump, tighten — nobody said you had to go down without a fight. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center, extends a surgically gloved hand to help. Get seriously refreshed with his Facial Rejuvenation package, including facelift, brow lift, eyelids, skin smoothing, lip plumping and a nose job, $50,000 to $70,000. A Mommy Makeover reboot includes bigger (or smaller) breasts, a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction for lower back and thighs, and laser body contouring, $40,000 to $50,000. Naturally, you must be in good overall physical and emotional health, and a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Rohrich or one of his board-certified plastic surgeons is required. Did we mention the complimentary limousine ride to your pre- and post-operative visits? 214-645-8300,  —Christopher Wynn AND ON YOUR LEFT, MARS The eerie quiet of space. Surreal moments of out-of-seat weightlessness. Floating, bobbing. Peer out the porthole. There it is. Earth. Below you. Virgin Galactic expects to launch its first civilian space flight at the end of 2013. You’ll be on it. What price new frontiers? Just $200,000 confirms one of six seats available aboard VG’s high-tech space craft. Total flight time is approximately two hours from Virgin’s Spaceport America in Las Cruces, N.M., from take-off (tethered to a snazzy mothership) to the serene glide back down to Earth. Bragging rights? Beyond calculation. Book through accredited space agents in Dallas: Strong Travel, 214-361-0027, or Rudi Steele Travel, 214-522-2777. Information Model Abby Williamson/Wallflower Management. Bubble Helmet by Emilio Pucci for Braniff International Airways, above, graciously lent by the Frontiers of Flight Museum, Hair and makeup Al Tidwell/Kim Dawson Agency —Christopher Wynn HEIRLOOMS BY THE DOZEN A diamond as big as The Ritz? Hosh posh! A rock that size may have sufficed for Fitzgerald’s flappers, but to spark envy among every last Crystal Charity Ball lady, you must think bigger. Hundreds of carats bigger. Imagine the sparkle in your beloved’s eye when they receive a new piece from Graff — the London-based purveyor of exquisite jewels, founded in 1960 — once a month, for an entire year. That means a dozen dazzlers which, in total, will put your expenditure over the $1 million mark. You’ll navigate the rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds during 12 months’ worth of high-value visits with Roz Colombo, the Dallas director of private sales for Graff — the only way of securing one of their pieces in Dallas. There are few better than she, a member of the diamond-donning Crystal Charity Ball set herself. You want the exceptional? You ring Roz. 214-315-4047,,  —Christina Geyer TICKETS TO EVERYTHING I
t’s the gift for anyone who doesn’t think Dallas can compete with the likes of New York, Philadelphia, Boston or LA. Think again. Proffer season tickets to everything and the pursed lips of doubting patrons will sweep into smiles with a top-ticket seat to every single aria, interception, encore, plié, swish, home run, photo finish, guitar solo, monologue and checkered flag Dallas can offer, in one whirling year. Oh, the places you’ll go: the Winspear, the Wyly, American Airlines Center, Lone Star Park at Grand Prarie, Cowboys Stadium, Rangers Ballpark, the House of Blues and Texas Motor Speedway — for races, plays, operas, ballets, games and concerts. It’s a veritable culture crash. Approximately $207,000, seat licenses and annual fees included. Theater seat, above, graciously lent by the Wyly Theatre.  —Jamie Huckaby WELL-HEELED BLISS, EVERY FOUR WEEKS So-called of-the-month clubs are about to step far beyond wine and fruit baskets. This year, indulge your beloved with membership to the ultimate guild: Forty Five Ten’s Shoe Society. Whether she’s a boots, pumps or wedges kind of woman, you’ll be able to surprise her with a new pair — 12 times over. Each month, the boutique’s owner Brian Bolke will pick a special pair just for her. (Believe us, with so many soles to select from — Lanvin! Kirkwood! Céline! — you are relieving her of a staggering burden.) For the lady in your life with real sole, this gift is the perfect fit. $9,300, 4510 McKinney Ave., Dallas, 214-559-4510,  —Bradley Agather YOUR AND YOURS: THE LITERARY GLITTERATI Bibliophiles and design folk will love getting their hands on this. Each month, you and nine of your friends will gather for your book-club meetings in the new Taschen Library at the Joule hotel, downtown. The group will pore over that month’s chosen title — picture-rich, and with the glossiest of pages — nearby those ceiling-skimming Joule mosaics. The refreshments served will be equally as delicious. (It isn’t really a book club without the cocktails.) You and your guests will be sipping that month’s signature drink, crafted by celebrity mixologists Chad and Christy Pope, the duo behind several NYC standards such as Little Branch and Milk & Honey. When all is said and done, you and your clubbies will leave with that month’s special book in hand. Yours will be the most well-read Round Table in town. $13,800 (or $1,150 per month), the Joule, 1530 Main St., Dallas, 214-748-1300 —Bradley Agather IT’S YOUR PARTY Dance on the tables. Swing from the chandeliers. Get the society pages truly talking. The host — the lucky recipient of all this revelry — won’t have to lift a finger. Whether it’s a riff on Truman’s Black and White Dance or an anniversary fête worthy of Marie Antoinette (powdered wigs, macaroons and all), the new Jackson Durham Floral Event Design team will pump prodigious amounts of magic into their next soirée. A Baroque birthday? An anniversary smash? Happy Tuesday? Jackson Durham’s Sara Fay Egan, Heath Alan Ray and Raegan McKinney — along with their talented crew of event whizzes — will handle it all, from decor to florals to logistics and more. The gifted will simply take credit as being the host or hostess with the mostest. Set the date. Narrow the list. Be a guest at your own party. From $300 per guest, 972-740-3734, —Christina Geyer

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