Why Buffy is doing the puffy


Pot is having a moment. There, I’ve said it. I suspect you are shocked. You are possibly clutching your pearls — and if you aren’t, then I think we both know why. (As your mother no doubt once said about Maui wowie: “I can smell it on you.”) What is surprising about weed’s new trendiness is who is smoking it this time: the influencers and the One Percenters. Yes, some of Dallas’ most accomplished, educated, laboriously coiffed, beautifully dressed, tax-paying citizens are puffing the magic dragon.

illustration by JIMMIE HENSLEE

My realization grew organically. (Please forgive the pun.) Somebody whispered over coffee about an A-list couple allegedly growing the good stuff. Everyone else at the table then fell over themselves recounting stories of this or that Dallas party that ended in a hazy afterglow of fashionable types passing around a fat one — usually followed by foraging in the kitchen for catering leftovers. Then there are the stressed-out socialites. After an insane day filled with nannies, returns at Neimans, temperamental decorators and chairing galas for hot new diseases, who can blame the ladies for lighting up just to wind down?

Always compelled to sum up a trend, I declared: “Pot is the new glass of red wine!”

Indeed, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Mere days after my little coffee klatch, the venerable Gray Lady — the Times! — chimed in on Dec. 7 with a piece in its style pages — style pages! — about pop stars — Rihanna! — glorifying marijuana for profit. “A Big Business in Getting High,” they titled it. Then I saw the puff piece in January’s Town & Country about harried dads turning to cannabis to help them relax. Just last month, that sweet, elfin 18-year-old Justin Bieber was photographed holding what, allegedly, could be, may be, a joint. And need I remind you of the recent decriminalization measures that have wafted through Colorado and Washington state?

Of course, marijuana is still illegal in Texas. So is driving 51 mph down Preston Road — and I don’t see anyone slowing down. Many of Dallas’ youngish power players are now old enough to have done a fair share of experimenting — nay, inhaling — in college, and don’t have the same hangups about weed that their parents did. Perhaps there is even a tinge of entitlement, that perhaps they deserve a smoke break today. And tonight. As the sage philosopher Donna Summer once professed: “She works hard for the money.”

Are you a pot disapprover? Take heart. Like all things deemed fashionable, the pendulum will invariably swing back. Change is inevitable — even in our vices.  —Anonymous

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