Paris Fashion Week: Look who's roaming the sidewalks and streets


A Dallas merchant. A Dallas photographer. A fashionable week in a curious city along the Seine.

essay by JACKIE BOLIN | photographs by ALLISON V. SMITH

Paris is incredible — always.

During Fashion Week, it is especially electric.

The fun usually begins at D/FW airport, when you inevitably bump into familiar faces flying to the same city as you.

Hi, Rajan! Hi, Christen!

You kick off each trip with a pre-flight cocktail.

Forced sleep on the plane. It’s not even noon in Paris when you arrive.

The day is just beginning.

Hit the ground running.

The week is a blur of runway shows, showroom appointments, political protests, taxi shortages, dinners that last past the night and into the morning, shopping from one hotel bar to the next.

Although Paris is a gigantically big city, it never feels quite so big during that week.

It seems like you bump into friends old and new on every corner.

Hi, Brian! Hi, Doss!

There is so much natural beauty already in Paris it can make you cry, and when the international fashion flock converges for the week onto such an already stunning city, the drama and creativity you see in terms of style is just so inspiring.

I particularly love the Russians.

I think Allison Smith does, too. Traveling with such a talented and passionate artist adds another layer that is so special. Her street shots, many taken with her beloved vintage Hasselblad, truly capture the beauty of Paris Fashion Week.

On the runway, backstage, in the showrooms.

And, of course, on the street.

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