Spray it, don't say it: Keith Haring murals make their Dallas debut


Keith Haring, Untitled (FDR NY) #3 and #4, 1984, spray paint on enamel paint on metal (48x102 inches each panel).

Keith Haring. Gone too soon. The social commentator with a spray can. Hugely influential, more so dead than alive. (Although he did know great fame in his 31 years.) Pittsburgh native turned New York icon. Openly gay early. Safe-sex activist early. Told it all to Rolling Stone in ’89. Gone in ’90 – from AIDS. These four Haring panels are coming to Dallas, for three days only. A group called 99 Cents Fine Art is bringing them to sell at the Dallas Art Fair. Painted in public – the way Haring worked – in 1984 and taken down in ’85, they were part of a nearly 300-foot fence that lined FDR Drive in New York, where the whole city could see it. Now, the panels are just two years shy from existing for longer than their creator. Go see them. Stare. There is a lot going on. There was in Haring’s heart and head, too.  —Rob Brinkley


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  1. Keith Haring was a great artist and if you like to see another great artist like him, google Alex Vera. His works are awesome as reminiscent of Keith Haring