Weekend Coffee: Misleading name, marvelous joe in Downtown Dallas


(And seek no more, we’ve got the menu)

The Weekend Coffee glow

By the name, you might think it would be reserved just for the leisurely Saturday/Sunday latte. But quite to the contrary, Weekend Coffee serves up a caffeine buzz every day of the week, from 6 am to 6:30 pm.  (And those of us who work Downtown are surely glad for it.) 

So long canisters, hello pitchers

Before now, speciality coffee shops were unusually hard to come by in Downtown Dallas, and you had to make a trip to the Design District or the Park Cities to get your perfectly crafted fix. Weekend Coffee has changed that with a menu so deliciously diverse that it ranges from four different exotic coffee brews to homemade mango pop-tarts (which, by the way, we already cannot get enough of).  Even better? The sleek new shop is located inside the Joule Hotel’s just-expanded lobby and right next door to TenOverSix. (Fashionista tip: Prior to heading back to the office, after your Weekend pick-me-up, you can pick up a new weekend getup!)

Weekend Coffee also sells a variety of gourmet cookbooks, jams, chocolates, and more

What’s making this coffee shop tick is its co-owner, Joe Cole, who has teamed with Seattle-based coffee roaster Victrola to bring drinkers the best grounds, while recruiting chef Ruben Toraño of Charlie Palmer to bake the daily in-house goodies.

Cranberry, dark chocolate scones and homemade, mango pop-tarts

The one downfall — this is Downtown — is the parking. Is it worth circling the block or adding valet fees to your coffee expenditure? We think so. We bet you’ll keep coming back for, oh, an iced Empire Blend, with a spot of soy milk and a dash of vanilla…

Weekend Coffee at The Joule Hotel

1511 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75201

Open 7 days a week, 6:30am-6pm

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