Remarried: Dallas museum director Maxwell Anderson and the flamboyant Jacqueline Buckingham

Maxwell Anderson and Jacqueline Anderson at The Rachofsky House, October 18, 2012. Photographed for FD Luxe by Mei-Chun Jau

Maxwell Anderson and Jacqueline Anderson at The Rachofsky House, October 18, 2012.
Photographed for FD Luxe by Mei-Chun Jau

The divorce was announced on Facebook.

The remarriage has just been announced on Twitter.

Per @MaxAndersonUSA and retweeted by @jacquelineusa:

“1) Rekindled. 2) Renewed. 3) Remarried. 7/15/2013. Max & Jacqueline”

So, are Anderson and Buckingham just two people in love (who can’t stay off their phones and social media) trying to work it out?  Or, are the public announcements part of some calculated plan to build buzz for the book Buckingham is working on (scroll down to read her letter) about “a positive way to deal with changes in relationships …”

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  2. I guess she just got tired of me hitting on her all the time during the break. At least I have her signature on the restraining order as a keepsake.

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  4. Please, DMA, get rid of these two.

    The Dallas art scene is enough of a laughingstock.

  5. Ok…that’s a pretty disgusting “story” and picture. No wonder Dallas never gets any respect.

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  7. i dont who these people are but she has gold digger written all over her face….she looks like she belongs on one of those housewives shows

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  9. This is the aspect of DMA and the Dallas arts scene the will keep it inconsequential.

  10. This represents the aspect of DMA and the Dallas art scene, that will keep it incosequential. Shame.

  11. fdluxe/March 29, 2013/ why 7 local artists say the Dallas art scene is a sham…
    “a fake, fitted out with tremendous affectation”

  12. This is a farce. The question here is about our Museum. At what point is Max Anderson going to get to work and do 1/4 of what he is here to do. Men through the ages have fallen prey to women like this (and seriously, in Dallas, we have women that are so breathtaking that this showgirl just seems a caricature). Did you see the yoga video on her site that was shot by her SON?? Enuf said.

    ADULT men know how to balance their,,,um,,,’tastes’, with their professional responsibilities. Staging all of this to launch the wife’s book is his choice, but the fact that this is how Max is spending his time and energy says a whole lot about why our Museum is still in the state it is.

    I agree with the other posts, this is why the Dallas art scene is in such bad shape. Hopefully our Board has started a quiet search for the next Director.