Tom Ford, times two: A Dallas artist immortalizes the fashion designer in her latest work, twice


“My friend Meg has painted Tom Ford!” So was the reaction when I told a pal that the inimitable Mr. Ford figured heavily in this issue. She was right: Dallas artist Meg Fitzpatrick had indeed immortalized the fashion designer — twice — in one large-scale work. It is part of Fitzpatrick’s Emergent Series, wherein she “honors people who thrill me,” she says, via acrylic on canvas. She has painted Johnny Depp, the Beatles, composer Philip Glass and a certain gold statuette named Oscar — and, yes, two Tom Fords. One of the Fords in FINDING TOM FORD — the painting’s name inspired the title to my interview with Ford, beginning on page 80 — wears a tuxedo, the other, weekend garb. “He does both so well,” says Fitzpatrick, a former DuPont Fellow in the Winterthur Program in American Material Culture and a board member of the Dallas Architecture Forum. The two Toms aren’t alone: Woody Allen, Alan Cumming, Christopher Hitchens, Jake Gyllenhaal, even Fitzpatrick’s brother as a kid, diving into a pool, make appearances. Fitzpatrick paints from images she collects from newspapers, magazines, film stills and family photo albums, but lets each painting name itself once finished. “Everyone is equal to start the painting process,” she says, “and then one person becomes the biggest attraction, even if he or she may not be the biggest image. The choice is more instinctive, magical than rational.”

‘Finding Tom Ford’ will be part of a show of Fitzpatrick’s work, beginning Sept. 1, at City Café in Dallas; —Rob Brinkley 

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