Price drop for fabled White Rock Lake estate of oilman H.L. Hunt



Mount Vernon at White Rock Lake

Mount Vernon at White Rock Lake. Photographed for FD Luxe by Allison V. Smith.

Society columnist Alan Peppard wrote about the White Rock Lake estate of oilman H.L. Hunt in the December 2011 issue of FD Luxe. Hunt built the sprawling white manor as a showcase replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon. (Modern updates include a 16-car garage and a four-lane bowling alley.)

The home is owned by Dallas businessman John Amend and his wife, Teresa, and has been lingering on the market for more than a year. The couple recently dropped the price of the 10-acre property to $19 million, down from $24 million. (Allie Beth Allman has the listing and estimates your monthly mortgage payments to be a mere $70,394.) According to Peppard: On Jan. 1, 1938, H.L. paid $69,000 for the house.

Want to be a voyeur? Take a slideshow tour of the home with photos by Allison V. Smith.






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  2. I had a chance to go there several times to meet the late Ms. Hunt. Wonderful woman and family who overcame so much tragedy and lived for God. What Ms. Hunt obtained in Heaven is much greater than what she left behind. Let’s follow God, America, we’re sinking as a country financially and morally and spiritually!

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  4. When I was a child, used to visit and see Mr. Hunt rocking on a chair on the front porch. Nice man. Had no idea at the time of his historical significance. Always loved his house overlooking White Rock. Great memory for me as I age.

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  6. Well….. now that it’s only $19 million, I guess I’ll go ahead and buy it………..

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  9. I can’t help but compare the H.L. Hunt estate to the house Stanley Marcus built the same year. Both had difficult beginnings, both are around 10,000 square feet. Otherwise they appear to be polar opposites, symbols of a city divided along lines of style and taste, brash, awkward oil money pouring into the city on one side; understated elegance and and an epicene demeanor upholding the other. That the former turned to the latter for guidance in the exchange of sudden wealth for furs and diamonds is the story of Dallas, a tale of two citadels.

  10. Are you kidding?!  The Marcus house is an ugly piece of crap example of what passed as "modern", which was very trendy at the time.  The Mount Vernon design is timeless, classic.  It will still be appealing on its 200th birthday.  The Marcus house is already an embarrassing pile of rubble.