Oscar de la Renta Arkansas exhibit: Exclusive event photos and thoughts from those in attendance


The Oscar de la Renta exhibit’s opening night at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock attracted the designer’s deareset friends (including Anna) and devoted fans of the collection

photographs by NAN COULTER

 “She always looked entirely appropriate wherever she was and nearly always in Oscar.” Anna Wintour, on Hilary Clinton

“Oscar has really treated first ladies such as myself and Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush with such great support. And sometimes, as Chelsea knows, he’s even dressed our daughters.” Hillary Clinton

Some of the exhibit's 30-plus looks

” I never got to wear one of his dresses, but I have every day for many years worn the mantle of his friendship with genuine pride.” —Bill Clinton

Oscar de la Renta on opening night


“Unfortunately, only in the last 12 years have we been keeping our archive of clothes because before that I never ever thought that anyone would ever have the slightest interest … .” Oscar de la Renta 

“Oscar de la Renta: American Icon,” through Dec. 1 at The William J. Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock, 501-374-4242; clintonlibrary.gov/oscardelarenta


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