How Bell's new 525 Relentless helicopter could cut your commute in half


A wonderful whirl: The Bell 525 Relentless, 178 mph, $15 million (estimated).

“I’m traffic-intolerant — and my idea of gridlock is more than six cars at a stoplight on Turtle Creek Boulevard. (I’d never make it in Los Angeles.) If this beauty ends up under a certain tree, well, goodbye, neurosis. It is called the Bell 525 Relentless — I want my helicopter to be confident — being built at Bell’s Amarillo plant and debuting in 2014. It can seat up to 16, but I’d like mine with one Mies van der Rohe daybed on a goatskin rug. All 525s will be packed with bests and firsts, including all-digital flight controls and the world’s first touch-screen glass flight deck for whirlybirds. The range is the equivalent of 575 ground miles, at an equivalent of 178 mph. That means my 9-minute commute to the office drops to 1 minute and 52 seconds — and not one stoplight. Are you understanding this, Santa?” —Rob Brinkley

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  2. Santa may just get a 525 for himself[ possibly with an auto hover system….Relentless certainly sounds right….Rudolf and co can then assist by starting a drone delivery operation,for the more dangerous Christian hot spots…. Meanwhile we will fly 206’s around paradise. AHS-VI