Love and money: Which one won Farrah Fawcett in the University of Texas v. Ryan O'Neal


Andy Warhol’s 'Farrah Fawcett', 1980, bequeathed by Fawcett to the University of Texas at Austin. Actor Ryan O’Neal now gets to keep its nearly identical mate. Photograph: The Dallas Morning News archives

Almost five years after her death, Farrah Fawcett’s come-hither stare still incites love, lust and obsession. A 1980 portrait of the Corpus Christi–born beauty, one of a pair by superstar artist Andy Warhol based on a Polaroid snapshot, even sparked a fight. The actress bequeathed all of her art to her alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin, including one of the pair of Warhols. Her longtime companion, actor Ryan O’Neal, had the other. The Warhols made international headlines when UT sued O’Neal for his. In late December, O’Neal won. At trial, the 40-by-40-inch silkscreen on canvas was estimated to be worth anywhere from $800,000 to a whopping $12 million. Its fate now? To stay at O’Neal’s Malibu beach house, reported CNN, “where it hangs over his bed.” —Christopher Wynn


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