Spring fashion, in full bloom


My soul’s somehow already racing / And fills with a strange reverie.

Where did it bloom? In which spring? When? / Did it bloom long? Who picked it then?

By stranger’s hand or by a friend? / Who put it here and to what end?

In memory of tender trysting / Or else of fateful parting day?

Or else perhaps a lone walk wistful / In silent fields and wooded shade?

Do he and she still live, I wonder?/ And where now is their little nook?

excerpted from “The Flower,” by Alexander Pushkin

model MURPHY AYCOCK/Wallflower Management

styling BRITTANY WINTER/Sisterbrother Mgmt.

fashion photographs STEVEN VISNEAU/Sisterbrother Mgmt.

orchid photographs NAN COULTER

orchids photographed at DR DELPHINIUM FLOWER & ORCHID HOUSE


hair and makeup SHANE MONDEN/Wallflower Management

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