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It was the party — the fête, the soirée, the cocktail, the kickoff, the launch, the opening, the closing — that I’d been to a thousand times. Little square napkins. Champagne on trays. Air kisses for dayyys. The chatter! The clatter! Somewhere, a Cole Porter tune played. But — but — wait — something was amiss. Upside down. Flop-flipped. This party? It had run amok. Roles were reversed. Madness mixed with mayhem mixed with more madness. Something. Not. Quite. Right. And then — I awoke. I looked around. Silence. Absolutely nothing. Was it all just a dream? Did it really happen? It must have, because you were there … and you were there … and you and you and you.

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In the streets, on the sidewalks — the French have supreme style, in any season. Our American in Paris — the photographer Allison V. Smith, abroad in March for fashion week there — turns in a visual diary of what the truly chic are wearing when the weather takes a chill.

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Scrimp, save, do what it takes — really good shoes are vital (and will make all your fantasies come true). Our JONATHAN LOE explains why, then throws a curve ball at the color in which to invest.

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