4 of the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

If you are like most Americans, your car and ability to drive your car are an important part of your lifestyle. A car accident can impact every area of your lifestyle. Car accidents happen all the time. There are about 5 million car accidents annually. Understanding the common causes of car accidents can help you to avoid them. Here are the four most common causes of car accidents.

1. Distracted Driving

Cell phones have improved our lifestyles. They make life more convenient. Unfortunately, they have also opened up the door to new dangers. Driving while texting, answering a call, checking emails, or even glancing at your phone can be the catalyst for a car accident.

Taking your eyes off the road for a second to check your phone can impact your lifestyle in unimaginable ways. Of course, cell phones are not the only thing that can distract you while driving. Eating, fixing your makeup, and playing too loud music can all have serious consequences.

Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. A little distraction while driving can go a long way in negatively impacting your lifestyle.

2. Equipment Failure

You must keep your vehicle in good working order. Equipment failure is a leading cause of car accidents. According to CarsDirect, three of the most common component failures include carrier bearings, universal joints, and couplers. All are wheel parts, and when faulty, they can lead to loss of control of your vehicle and, ultimately, a car accident.

many working parts of your vehicle need attention to ensure that they can provide safe operation. Simple components like your windshield wipers are important safety features. Of course, more complex parts like your brake system also need attention.

Losing control of your vehicle because of faulty parts puts you in harm’s way and harms other drivers. Proper maintenance and repairs, when necessary, are important. Owning and driving a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. An easy way to stay safe on the road is to keep up with vehicle maintenance and repairs.

3. Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is often associated with drinking and driving. According to the Department of Highway Safety in Montana, there were 2,307 car accidents reported in 2019. Many of those accidents involved DUI. Driving under the influence is not limited to drinking and driving.

Let’s say you are taking prescription medication that carries the ‘don’t drive or operate heavy machinery while taking this medication,’ If you do drive, if you are involved in a car accident, you could be charged with DUI. Driving under the influence can mean many things.

If you are using medication with a warning label, it is best to stay off the roads. Driving under the influence of anything can cause an accident that will impact your lifestyle, wallet, and health. Of course, you can also affect other drivers’ lifestyles, money, and health. Stay home until you are done with your medication.

4. The Weather

The weather is a factor in many car accidents. Slippery roads from snow and ice, poor vision from downpouring rain, and foggy conditions can all impact your safety on the road. When weather warnings are announced, it is best to stay off the road until conditions clear.

Hazardous driving conditions can exponentially increase your odds of being in a car accident. When vision is impaired by fog or heavy rain, navigating the roadway can make it very difficult. Maintaining vehicle control can be nearly impossible when ice and snow accumulate on the road.

According to the Finity Group, long-term disability claims, on average, last about 34.6 months. Before you get behind the wheel of your vehicle in bad weather, ask yourself if you are willing to give up three years of your lifestyle because of a car accident.

Curate a lifestyle focused on safe driving, and you will protect every other area of your lifestyle that matters. Learn more about safe driving today to protect your lifestyle.