4 Tips for Marketing Your Etsy Business

Etsy is becoming popular amongst buyers and sellers, but so is seller’s competition. Marketing generates interest and promotes brand awareness. The more people know about your products, the higher the volume of sales and profits. Read on to identify four main Etsy business marketing strategy tips.

1. High-Quality Products

Usually, buyers who are happy with a business product leave positive online reviews. Good feedback generates high market interest. Cybercrime entails internet use to mislead consumers through false advertisements and the spread of untrue information. Unscrupulous clients ask for favors to leave good feedback. If this attack happens to your business, report it to Etsy administrative, who will take action according to set guidelines.

Package the products carefully to prevent damage during shipping. Generate friendly reminders to clients to leave feedback and review after sales. Clients have up to 60 days to leave a review after purchasing on Etsy. When requesting feedback, ask whether they received products in good condition. Happy customers also generate more sales through repeat buying and referrals to friends.

2. Promotional Pricing

Promotional pricing aims to increase sales by increasing perceived product value. Reducing prices entices customers to buy before the deals expire. Deals and discounts on Etsy shops trigger higher sales and compel shoppers to buy more. Win-win Etsy business and customers. Yet, consider short-term rewards and their effect on business.

Flash sales and the limited numbers approach maximize scarcity. These promotions run for a short time, typically a day or two. Allow brands to create a level of exclusivity and can drive rapid results. The bulk sales promotion incentivizes large sales volumes at a lower average cost. It offers existing customers exclusive prices as a reward for their loyalty. Advertisements also encourage non-customers to join the club, awaiting the successive seasonal promotions.

3. Digital Marketing

Notably, 63% of businesses have set aside more money to promote businesses and online-based marketing. It is true, according to research conducted by Word Stream for the past 12 months. A paid onsite or offsite ad is especially beneficial to a new business for bringing in new customers. For the latter, Etsy only charges fees for sales, while onsite ads have a pre-determined price. Influencer collaborations tap into an existing audience. These use social media, and their costs vary from free products to monetary pay. Most are happy to collaborate with a brand that conforms to their ethics and beliefs. Email marketing has a high return on investment (ROI) as it focuses on the existing customer base rather than an algorithm-generated one. Search engine optimization, too, is a great way to increase sales, and this is why:

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that the first lunchbox sale was in 1902? It is a fun fact to incorporate in your product description to make the product memorable. Highlighting product advantages makes it desirable. For instance, meal portioning in a lunchbox allows diet tracking. Naturally, integrate keywords and attributes into the product description to maintain relevancy.

4. Take Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words – which has never been more accurate than on Etsy, where visual content determines sales. Thus, invest in a good camera that takes quality photos. Also, edit the images before uploading them to make them look more professional. Learning basic photo-editing techniques is an added advantage. Check your pictures for color accuracy and imperfections such as dirt. You don’t want customers to return products since they look different in person.

Staged photos give a more lifestyle and help buyers imagine how it would feel in real life. Add variety to how the products are set up by posing them in different backgrounds and props. Take close-up and far-off photos of products and use the images to showcase your products.

Customer and market experience score affects traffic flow to your business. Etsy ads and promotions also serve to increase visitor volume to your business. Let your pictures tell a story by proper editing and posing differently. It will allow a customer to envision using the product.