5 Books To Inspire Your Kids This Summer

When it is summer, it is the vacation time for your kids. Kids are often known to be restless and they have this huge bundle of energy that they need to keep running from here to there just to have fun. Since they want to be occupied all the time, we need to not only exercise them physically but also mentally. That being said, cognitive development is also crucial for a child’s growth in his formative years.
Children are so fussy that you cannot make them sit for a while and decide what to do. Instead, you can try making them sit and focus for a while and you can inculcate the habit of reading books. Books are that magical invention which can increase the child’s imagination more than that of their peers, and they invite the kids to set their feet on to some magical adventure. There are a lot of children’s books that talk about inspiring stories and timeless teachings. They will create a lot of good memories and learning for the summer for your kids. Here are those 5 books that can inspire your kids this summer.

1. Tiny, Perfect Things

Written by M.H. Clark and illustrated by Madeline Kloepper, this book is about a whole world where a treasure is waiting to be found. Open your eyes and you can see only wonderful things around. You have the story of a child and a grandfather where they are walking around the neighborhood and they find all sorts of tiny, perfect things together. With loads of illustrations and intricate details, this book will develop that curiosity in your child and transform the ordinary and boring days into something extraordinary.

2. What Do You Do with a Chance?

It is a book for kids which inspires them irrespective of their age. It gives them the courage to go after the ways and opportunities that come to them. Just taking a risk and grabbing the opportunity can do something incredible for them! It is the final addition to the New York Times’ best-selling novel, ‘What Do You Do with an Idea?’
The book is by Kobi Yomada and the whole story is about a guy who doesn’t know what to do with a chance that he has. Though he forgets the idea, it keeps following until he feels that he is most happy when he is with his idea.

3. The Girl Who Ran

It was impossible for a woman to run in a marathon in 1966… but in 1966, a woman named Bobbi Gibb ran the Boston Marathon to prove everyone wrong. This is the story about how Bobbi broke the rules through her sheer determination and grit and inspired a thousand of other women to run for marathons. She took one step at a time to change the world she is living in.

4. So Many Cuddles

This is a nice and short, heart-warming story of a little girl who with her animal friends hug because they don’t always need words to talk to each other. Love is a language everyone understands which is symbolized by the hugs in this story. They communicate through first morning cuddles, giggly cuddles, snoozy cuddles and they are best of friends. They hold on to each other’s feelings and the whole book has illustrations that speak cuteness. This book is teaching kids that emotional intelligence and reminding them there is no right or wrong way to feel love.

5. Dive In

This book is based on the sea and calls all the explorers for help. Sir Sebastian Stockingbottomham needs the kids to help so as to carry on his wild diving expedition on the bottom-ocean floor. You can see that the book is filled with an interactive read-aloud prompt. Join Sir Sebastian and learn how to talk like you are underwater, taking part in some very silly shenanigans, getting ready to laugh as you have never even laughed before!

Apart from these five, there are numerous books that can help and grow kids. Kids need to grow their cognitive ability through creative thinking and creative thinking can only develop if they have either listened to or read a lot of books in their childhood. It is not a very difficult task too. A single book can take around 2-3 days to complete if you sit with them and read together. As a parent, you have to take the initiative otherwise, they will just be glued to your mobile screens, playing games, and compromising their eyesight and time. Take them out on walks to the parks, make them watch animals and flowers on the TV, ask them to play as much as they can, but also make them sit for some time every day to read. Just before bedtime or in the lazy afternoon are perfect times to read!