5 Common Health Issues in Adults

Health issues in adults may be commonplace, but that doesn’t mean that you have to contend with them. Have a look at five common health issues in adults so that you have a good idea of what to work at staying safe from.

1. Oral Health Issues

Oral health issues are the first common health issue, with at least one out of every five Americans having one or more cavities that are untreated. To avoid becoming one of them, ensure to maintain good oral health habits such as brushing your teeth well and regularly. Don’t forget to floss, as this works hand-in-hand with brushing to ensure that you don’t encourage harmful bacteria to thrive in your mouth and cause problems for you down the road.

2. Obesity

More adults than ever before are currently obese, and this is an issue that should be dealt with as early as possible. Exercise regularly to maintain the right levels of physical activity and avoid snacking on high-calorie foods and drinks that leave you craving for more. These foods don’t provide your body with any real nutrition, so you’re better off without them. Ask your doctor for guidance if you feel you’re over the right weight so you can remedy the situation before it gets out of hand. While it may be hard to lose a lot of weight, maintaining a positive attitude and putting in hard work will get you the right results.

3. Mental Health Issues

We’re living in highly stressful times, so it’s no wonder that more adults are suffering from mental health issues. One cause of stress is the things that surround child-bearing. While there are about 29 million midwives and nurses around the world, according to the World Health Statistics Report, and 3.9 million of them in the United States, not every pregnant woman can access their services. This is enough to put anyone under a lot of stress. Finances and a fast lifestyle are other possible stressors for both men and women, so you can seek professional help to get to the bottom of your issues and have them dealt with conclusively.

4. Substance Abuse

Substances that adults may abuse include drugs and alcohol, and while this may seem like something the youth would do, more seniors than is realized take part in it. This leaves them prone to addictions and other issues that may be caused by abusing them. This is an issue that may be aggravated by going through the loss of an income source or of a loved one. When adults turn to illegal substances to cope or to medicate, the results are often not desirable. It’s important for everyone to learn healthy methods of coping with different issues that may arise in life, so it’s advisable to be open to seeking help when one feels they need it.

5. Skin Conditions

Finally, skin conditions are another issue that’s not only common among the young. As people age, their skin tends to lose elasticity and other things that are responsible for a youthful glow. Due to decreasing levels of immunity, they’re also likely to suffer from an internal condition that will be reflected in the condition of their skin. Of all the cosmetic procedures that were performed in 2020, those between 40 and 54 years made up 45% of them. If you can afford to get professional treatment for troublesome skin, this may be the best investment you’ve made for your health in old age.

Now that you have an idea of some of the most common conditions that adults could suffer from, you can try to protect yourself from getting them. Remember that prevention is better than cure and you will have a bright future ahead of you.