5 Reasons People Move Out of State

People generally move many times throughout their lives for a number of reasons. This adds up to 85% moving within the same state, while 15% of them move out of state. Here are five reasons that may make someone move out of state.

1. As a Result of a Major Life Change

There are many things that can happen in the course of one’s life, including marriage and divorce. These can all change the dynamics of someone’s life and make it imperative to move. When someone has to make a major life change, it’s sometimes in their best interest to move in order to refresh their life. Even starting a family is reason enough to move to another state if you want to give your loved ones better prospects in life which you feel are impossible to get in your current environment.

2. To Pursue Higher Education

The pursuit of higher education is another reason why someone may move out of state. Their chosen course may only be available in an institution out of state, or the standards to which it’s offered in a different state may be better. A scholarship is yet another reason why someone may move out of state because receiving funding or subsidization for tuition fees is enough motivation to do so. Given the improvement of life and access to more opportunities that higher education can help one to achieve, it’s easy to see why someone would not hesitate to move.

3. To Upgrade Their Lifestyle

If someone feels that the standard of living in their current state is not up to their bar, this could cause them to move to a different state. If the state of the economy is poor and there are no prospects for the future, this may leave someone feeling hopeless and uninspired. Rather than continue living in such a situation, the people who are willing to take the risk and move do so. They may be in search of better opportunities to make it easier for them to access basic life requirements such as food and shelter. It may also be possible to enjoy a better life and make savings by getting a modern and well-built house in the long run. This is possible when you consider that 25% to 30% of the energy used in heating and cooling is a result of heat gained and lost through windows. Living in a better house and enjoying a lifestyle upgrade may therefore be more affordable.

4. For a Job Opportunity

Work is an important part of many people’s adult lives, so it’s possible to see how a job opportunity can motivate someone to move out of state. A good job means a better lifestyle, and this is why few people would turn down a job just because it’s in a different state. After all, when someone sends an application for a position that would call for them to move out of state, they’re likely to have made peace with this eventuality already.

5. To Lower Their Living Expenses

Finally, it’s no secret that living expenses differ state by state. Looking for a more affordable lifestyle is therefore the fifth reason why someone would move out of state. If they feel that life has become expensive in their current state while their income has not improved to provide them with a buffer, the logical step to take is to move somewhere where it will be possible to reconcile their income with their expenses and also make savings. This is especially true if basic necessities are becoming harder for someone to attain. Air conditioning, for example, which 87% of homes in the United States have, according to the Energy Information Administration, may become increasingly hard to run as necessary.

Any one of these reasons or a combination of them may push someone to move to a different state. If you end up having one of them, prepare yourself and take the leap, knowing that you won’t be the first to do so.