5 Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

Adding a sunroom to your house can be a great thing to consider as you make your renovation plans. A sunroom is an enclosed room attached to your home that allows for landscape views and plenty of natural light. It is a popular feature in homes and can be a great addition to your lifestyle. If you’re considering upgrading your home, you should add a sunroom. Here are some reasons why sunroom is a good idea.

1. Improve Your Home’s Value

When you upgrade your home, it improves the resale value of the property. If you ever decide to sell the house, it will likely go for more money than it would without this addition. A sunroom provides a great return on investment in this category. In fact, there is a 49% ROI when you add a sunroom to your property. This means it’ll increase your home’s value by almost half the cost of the addition. Even if you don’t plan to move, this is beneficial to you. It makes the investment you made in your home even more valuable. Even if this isn’t the primary reason why you would want a sunroom, it is an excellent benefit.

2. Increase Natural Light

With the many windows included in a sunroom, the natural light in your home will increase significantly. Natural light is good for you, both physically and mentally. It helps your body produce Vitamin D, which is an essential part of your health. It can also boost your mood and help with stress management. With a sunroom, you don’t necessarily need to go outside into the elements in order to get those benefits. You can get them while enjoying the amenities that you’ve brought into your new sunroom.

3. Keep Cool

Air conditioning is very common. In the United States, about 65% of homes have central air. Meanwhile, 22% have window or wall units. If you want an alternative way to keep cool during the summer, a sunroom can provide that. It keeps you shaded and protected from the sun’s heat. This fun home addition keeps you nice and cool without turning on your air conditioner.

4. Add More Space

If your home is feeling overcrowded, adding a sunroom will allow you to create more living space. You can use this in so many ways. One popular option is to create a home office within the sunroom. According to the latest data, about 25% of professional jobs in North America will be entirely remote by the end of the year. If your job is among them, you’ll want to create a comfortable, productive place in your home to work. Your sunroom will allow you to do so without losing any of your existing living space.

5. Grow Year Round

If you have a green thumb, you can make plants a part of your lifestyle, no matter how cold it is outside. Your sunroom will allow you to protect your plants from the elements. It can also help you expand your collection, letting you grow houseplants that need a lot of natural sunlight. These plants might not grow so well in rooms with fewer windows. But with the amount of warmth and natural light a sunroom provides, you’ll have the opportunity to grow these plants yourself!

Adding a sunroom to your home will benefit you in a number of ways. Not only does it provide you with a new, peaceful place to spend time, but it also offers you additional health, lifestyle, and happiness options that might otherwise be unattainable. As you consider the additions and renovations you’d like to make to your home, keep a sunroom in mind.