5 Roof Care and Maintenance Tips

Your home will likely be one of your most significant investments and assets. As a result, you want to do what you can to protect it while maintaining your lifestyle. There are several tips and tricks for roof care and maintenance tips that you can implement into your home improvement routine to ensure it’s always in tip-top shape. By considering this advice, you will feel better knowing your home, family, and belongings are protected.

Schedule Routine Inspections

One of the most critical steps in roof care and maintenance is getting regular roofing inspections. A qualified roofer will visit your home and thoroughly assess your roof’s condition. Then, they will provide you with all the details they’ve found. You get to decide then if you want to fix the issue while it’s still minor. Just know that in almost every instance, the longer you wait, the worse and more expensive it will get.

Every year, hail storms cause around $15 billion in damage to homes, cars, and crops across the U.S., so it’s crucial to ensure that your roof is in good condition to avoid adding to these statistics. By scheduling regular roofing inspections, you can take proactive measures to protect your home and investments while also ensuring that your roof remains safe, secure, and durable for years to come.

Clean Gutters Regularly

Experts suggest you keep your gutters cleaned out at all times to make certain that whatever water hits the roof can be adequately drained away. You should be cleaning your gutters and downspouts up to twice a year. However, depending on where you live and how many trees surround your property, you may have to do it more frequently. By cleaning out these features of your home, you won’t have to worry about standing water, debris, sticks, mold, and other problems wreaking havoc on your roofing system. In some cases, you may be able to do this yourself. However, in most situations, you must call in professionals.

Call an Expert for Major Issues Immediately

If something significant happens to your roofing system, like water leaking into the attic or missing shingles, you must immediately call a qualified roofing company. Not only is it dangerous to leave your roof in an at-risk condition, but the longer you put off having a professional assess yours, the greater your potential for reaching a point where a complete replacement will be required. Around 3% to 7% of homes have a roof replacement annually. Replacements are time extensive, expensive, and stressful, and if you can avoid them by getting quick, quality repairs, that will always be the best route.

Trim the Trees Near the Roof

Trees planted too close to your roof can cause problems if they eventually grow and reach the structure. Branches will scratch the surface, and the failing leaves, twigs, and other tree parts are also hazards. In addition, the tree parts can lift off shingles, poke holes, or result in other headaches. It’s best to call a professional tree trimming company to do this task as it’s dangerous and requires specific tools and equipment to be completed efficiently and safely.

Power Wash the Roof

Some companies will pressure clean your roof when it becomes littered with contaminants, debris, moss, and mold growth. Ensure that the company you contact knows how delicate this type of project is and check their reviews and customer feedback to be confident they can complete the work you need to be done.

There are several actions that you can take to help maintain and care for your roof while still keeping up your lifestyle. These improvements are quick, routine, and simple, and you will increase the roofing system’s lifespan, ultimately keeping money in your pocket.