5 Ways Floral Shops Can Boost Sales

Owning a floral shop can be so fulfilling. Flowers and plants are major players in everyone’s lifestyle milestones. As an owner of a floral shop, you are in a unique position to bring joy and comfort to a wide range of people. Doing what you love is important, so how can you ensure that you can continue to find success with your floral shop? Follow these five simple steps to boost sales at your floral shop.

Cater to Specific Lifestyle Choices

Catering to specific lifestyle choices can help to boost sales. Determining which niche lifestyle you will target can help to boost sales. For example, you can cater to the organic-only lifestyle by carrying plants and flowers that are certified organic. Catering to a specific lifestyle can make you a superstar in the niche lifestyle community and drive sales.

Give some thought to the niche lifestyle that is popular in your area and consider doing what it takes to attract those customers that are involved in that niche lifestyle. It can be any group, like your nearby university. Offer floral designs in the school’s colors. Find your niche and you will be able to boost sales and have the added benefit of becoming an “expert” in it.

Hold a Workshop

People who love plants and flowers love learning more about how to care for plants and flowers. The people that include flowers and plants in their lifestyle will pay to take a workshop class on a wide range of relative topics.

Come up with a fee scale to teach people floral arranging, grafting, proper care techniques, and more. Make the event a monthly offering with limited seating to add a touch of exclusivity to the event. You can boost sales by offering add-ons for a separate fee. Getting people into the shop by offering classes will encourage them to browse your offerings and boost sales.

Offer In-Store Only Discounts

There are nearly 37,000 floral shop businesses in the United States, and the competition is stiff. It is important that you get people to come into your shop. A recent study found that people will spend up to 15% more when they shop in person as opposed to shopping online. Getting people to come into the store instead of shopping solely online can boost your sales.

The right signage can be an effective tool in getting the attention of foot traffic. According to a recent survey, about 50% of customers report they entered a business because they saw a sign for the business. Getting the right signage can be a good first step in attracting more foot traffic. You can increase the results by offering an “in-store only” discount.

Bundle Products

Make it easy for customers to buy more by creating bundles and baskets. You can offer a small discount for customers that purchase products in bundles. Consider themed bundles, like gifts for babies that include floral arrangements with a teddy bear and another small gift. You can make birthday bundles, holiday bundles, and more. Offering customers an easy way to tick off their gift list can help to increase sales. Keep in mind what lifestyle gifts you think people would enjoy and consider adding them to your bundles. Partnering with another business like a massage business or a salon and offering combination bundles can meet a need and drive new sales.

Make Your Shop More Visually Appealing

Tidying up your shop and adding some decorations can catch the eye of consumers and heighten their interest in your shop. A recent survey found that about 94% of customers would not return to business if they found the bathroom was dirty. Keeping your shop tidy and inviting is an easy way to boost sales.

As a floral shop owner, you are up against quite a bit of competition, but these five simple ways to get people more interested in your shop can help to even the playing field. With a little extra effort, you can boost your sales.