6 Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

The roof of your home is something that can sometimes be seen from the curb, especially when it is sloping instead of a flat roof. Needless to say, a roof in good shape can add positive curb appeal to your home, and this is always a plus when selling your property. The roof can also be based on your lifestyle preferences. In this post, we’re talking about signs that are a dead giveaway that your roof needs repairs.

1. Roof Leakage Is Visible

Roof leaks are no joke, and they can lead to long-term damage, moisture build-up, and mold. If you notice visible leaking or signs of leaking, then your roof might be in need of repair. About 75% of all houses in North America are outfitted with roof shingles, which are the most common choice. While roof shingles are durable and available in many colors, and weather resistant, if they become damaged, they can result in leaks. Have it checked out by a local roof repair company.

2. There Are Visible Roof Shingle Damage

Damage to roof shingles gives away some easy telltale signs that it may need replacing. It doesn’t matter your chosen lifestyle; taking care of your property is important either way. If you notice that your roof shingles have developed moss, they are bending out of shape, some shingles are gone, and some are perhaps cracking, then you know it’s time for that roof repair. Many companies offer a warranty, and new roofs are often guaranteed for many years. Still, maybe you bought a new house, and you’ve noticed your roof needs attention; you can tell by those factors. Get a quote from your local roof repair specialists, and they will help you sort it out. Home Guide revealed that most roofing companies might offer a three to 10-year warranty on their work.

3. The Roof Is Sagging

Chances of an old roof showing signs of sagging are common with older properties, but it’s also part of normal wear and tear. If your roof is maintained regularly, it won’t get to the point where it begins to sag visibly. Still, if you’ve noticed your roof drooping or sagging, then, you can take that as a cue to get it fixed as soon as possible.

4. Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

According to Roofing Contractor Magazine, more than five million new roofs are installed every year. That’s a staggering number, but it is necessary. When roofs go past the expiring date of replacement, they can become problematic and possibly cost more money to maintain the place due to the roof. For instance, an old roof begins leaking and damaging your indoor items. Replacing your roof after 20 years is a good timeframe to ensure that it stays its best every year.

5. You See Many of Your Neighbors Changing Their roofs

You can take another cue from your neighbors in your area. Are they changing their roofs one by one? Since many neighborhoods are built at the same time or housing estates may have houses built at the same time, the roofs might be the same age too. It could be over 15-20 years, and you may notice that your roof also needs replacing.

6. Storm Damage Demands A New Roof

If you have recently been a victim of a storm, then you may see that your roof is in need of replacement. Now, storms are life-altering, and often people lose everything they had. But after a storm has hit a region, one of the things that are damaged first is the roofs of houses. Get your trusted company to help you build a roof.