6 Tips for Wedding Planning Post COVID

COVID-19 has brought many lifestyle changes, some of which are drastically altering the traditional wedding planning process. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and still have a beautiful wedding during these uncertain times.

1. Go Virtual

With so many restrictions on gatherings, consider hosting your ceremony and reception virtually! Have guests join from home via Zoom or Skype and make sure everyone is comfortable with the technology before the day of. With symptoms of the COVID-19 appearing 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus, it’s vital to do whatever possible to keep your guests safe. Going virtual is a great way to reduce the transmission of the virus, have everyone participate, and even save money.

2. Opt for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are much easier to social distance in than cramped indoor venues. Look for outdoor locations such as parks, gardens, or beaches that can accommodate your wedding party and guests without compromising safety. Outdoor events are a great way to have your family together but still reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. About 48% of event planners plan their events 6 to 12 months in advance. Because of this, it’s vital to prepare for outdoor events ahead of time.

During the summer months, heat and humidity can be issues. Make sure you provide your guests with enough shade and air conditioning or opt for the evening hours when it’s cooler outside.

3. Scale Back the Guest List

To ensure everyone’s safety, consider scaling back your guest list. According to the Wedding Planner Institute, 80% of today’s couples are millennials. Chances are, you’ll be inviting a lot of friends you’ve met through work, college, or other social circles. Reduce the number of guests and help keep your friends safe while still enjoying your special day with those closest to you.

To help you decide which guests to invite and which to leave out, try creating a tiered system of close family members, extended family, friends, acquaintances, etc. This way, you can balance having your loved ones at the wedding while still following safety guidelines.

4. Maintain Social Distancing

Maintaining social distance is a lifestyle change that should be taken seriously regardless of the size of your wedding. Place markers on the ground to ensure everyone is following the social distancing guidelines. Encourage your guests to follow the practice of keeping their distance and wearing masks if possible. This will help keep everyone’s risk of contracting the virus at a minimum.

You can also purchase disposable masks for each guest and place hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue. This will allow your guests to easily access face coverings or sanitizer at any time.

5. Plan Ahead

COVID-19 has made things uncertain for so many couples planning weddings. Make sure to plan ahead and stay flexible — this could mean making changes or even postponing your wedding. You should also make sure to have backup plans in place if you need to do something different than originally planned.

Maintaining flexibility is a great way to stay organized while still allowing yourself to make changes if needed. Planning ahead will also help you be more prepared and provide a sense of security during what can be a stressful time.

6. Have Fun

Your wedding is meant to be a time of celebration and joy. It’s a way to celebrate your new lifestyle change. Don’t forget to take the time to actually have fun amidst all of this planning! Take breaks, let yourself relax, and don’t feel like you need to do everything in one day. The key is to stay flexible and patient with yourselves. Planning a wedding in 2020 may not be easy, but it can still be enjoyable!

It is possible to have a beautiful wedding while still taking the necessary precautions during these uncertain times. Follow these tips, stay safe, and enjoy your special day!