6 Tips to Help You Recover From Plastic Surgery

After having plastic surgery, you will need some time to recover. Even minor procedures will require some downtime. However, when working to improve your beauty, you don’t have to skip over plastic surgery just because it might put you out of commission for a bit. Instead, know what to do after the surgery to recover quickly.

Take Some Time Off Work

Don’t be worried about getting plastic surgery. While it used to be something rare, it’s become quite common. 11.36 million plastic surgery procedures happened worldwide in 2019. When you ask your boss for some time off, they won’t be as surprised about it as you might think.

Consult with your medical staff about how much time you will need to take off. Depending on your job and the type of procedure you have, you may need to take anywhere from a week up to six weeks or more to recover fully.

Keep Yourself Occupied

It can get boring sitting around after plastic surgery, but you want to enjoy that time as much as feasible by keeping yourself busy doing low-to-no-energy activities. Think puzzles, crosswords, and binging on your favorite movies!

Remember to Relax

While you will spend some time at the hospital relaxing if you have an inpatient procedure, most of the time after plastic surgery will be spent at home. The advancements in the medical industry are so effective now, many plastic surgeries are done as outpatient procedures. That means you will leave on the same day. It costs about $10,700 in the United States to stay at the hospital, so you’ll probably want to get out of there as soon as possible.

When you get home, ensure you have a designated place to relax and rest. Your body will need time to heal to get the most from your beauty procedure. After a few weeks, you should start feeling more normal again.

Stay Out of the Sun

You need to stay out of the sun after your beauty surgery for several reasons, but one of the reasons is that you don’t want any darkening of the scar because it was exposed. It is often suggested that you stay out of direct sunlight for at least two weeks to help your body heal faster. Then, when you do go back outside, always make sure to apply sunscreen liberally to the area.

Don’t Overexercise or Exert Yourself

You might feel like you’re getting better, but your body is still healing when you feel as though it’s time to get back to regular activities. Doctors follow a guide to ensure their patients don’t do too much too soon. If your doctor tells you not to do any heavy lifting for at least six weeks, follow the orders. If, for some reason, you do start to feel pain, ask about daily pain medication.

If you take any medication prescribed daily, that means once every 24 hours. Never take more than what your doctor has ordered, or you could end up dealing with some nasty side effects.

Drink Lots of Water

Surgery, even if it’s for cosmetic reasons, will take a lot out of your body. Water assists with getting the blood flowing and the nutrients and oxygen moving back around how they should. In addition, it helps to get your immune system back up to where it should be and prevents the likelihood of infection.

As long as you follow these tips and stick to the orders given by your doctor, you will recover from your plastic surgery beauty procedure much easier and faster. If you ever have any questions or concerns, make sure to reach out to a medical professional.