8 Ways to Practice Safe Driving

Road accidents are primarily due to ignorance of road safety practices. Driving under the influence is the leading reason for road accidents. In Massachusetts, DUI can result in a 30-month jail term and a $5,000 fine to a minimum charge of $500. Such policies aim to minimize accidents due to reckless driving. Even when you are sober, you may cause accidents on the road. Here are eight essential tips to ensure that you keep safe when driving.

Avoid Driving When Texting

Using your phone when driving can cause avoidable road accidents. Sometimes, it only takes a second to tear your eyes from the road, and an accident occurs. You can call on the speaker instead or call back when you arrive. Also, when having a conversation with a person in the car, always keep your eyes on the road.

Overtake Carefully

Know when to overtake and places you cannot overtake due to possible dangers. When overtaking long cars such as trailers, which are 96′ or 102′ wide and have length variations of 30 feet to 45-feet-plus, ensure you can see a clear path ahead before overtaking such big vehicles, especially if they are carrying a wide load.

Keep Calm When Driving

It would help if you cleared your thoughts before driving your car. Avoid moving the car after an emotional argument, as the anger may interfere with your judgment on the road. Also, avoid interchanging words with rude drivers. Disputes with other drivers on the road may result in a moment off the road, leading to accidents.

Ensure To Have Insurance Cover

As much as keeping safe is essential, accidents will sometimes happen, no matter the lengths we go to minimize them. In case of such occurrences, it’s wise to have your car insured. Take an example of the Shelby Mustang GT 500, which has a horsepower of close to 400. The manufacturers had to quote its horsepower as 335 to alleviate the insurance company to insure the car. Therefore, any car, no matter the worth, need insurance in case accidents happen to help cushion injury and provide comprehensive cover. On top of insurance, your car also needs to be registered and these fees will vary by state.

Drive Within Limit

Accidents due to overspeeding mainly occur as drivers try to hurry to their destination. If you know that you will use your car for work, wake up early to prevent speeding as you try to get to work on time. If you plan to travel, ensure you start early and avoid unnecessary speeding. Also, read road signs showing activities such as schools, animal crossing, or pedestrian crossing points and drive at a slower speed.

Avoid Intoxication Before Driving

Alcoholic beverage consumption and substance abuse impair the brain’s judgment, leading to reckless driving. The government is now imposing measures and heavy fines on people who drive under the influence to reduce avoidable accidents. If you are used to the party lifestyle, ensure that someone drives you home after partying

Have Your Seatbelt On

After getting in your car, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have your seatbelt on and everyone else in the car. Seatbelts are lifesavers as they offer at least 50% protection when accidents occur. Seatbelts hold you close to the chair and prevent your body from hitting the metallic parts of the car after an impulse. If the vehicle rolls on the road, the belt prevents the head from getting injured or breaking the neck.

Check Your First Aid Kit

Always ensure that your kit has all the supplies. First aid attendance in case an accident happens can save a life before the paramedics arrive. Ensure you have sterilizers, enough bandages, and gloves. First aid can help reduce bleeding and assist in joint dislocation temporarily as you seek medical attention in case of injuries.

As you drive your car, always put the seatbelt on. Check your first aid kit to ensure that all emergency tools are available. If you have to drink, don’t drive. You can use other means instead of driving recklessly. Also, remember to insure your car in case accidents happen. Ensure to overtake carefully and go within the limit. Avoid chatting on your phone as you drive, and ensure that your eyes are always on the road.