Easy Home Maintenance to Stay on Top Of

An excellent way to care for your home is to stay on top of maintenance. Although home maintenance can be time-consuming and laborious, the results are rewarding. They keep your home in top-notch condition, prevent costly repairs, and protect your bank account. Here are three crucial systems to maintain to create a pleasant living experience and care for your investment.


Protect Your Septic System


Since septic systems are out of sight, they are out of mind until a problem arises. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a septic system is not daunting and stinky. You only need to be cautious of what goes into the drain and toilet; your septic system will thank you.


Septic maintenance keeps your unit functional and prevents costly repair and replacement. It also increases the system’s useful life and gives you a high ROI. Ignoring maintenance can necessitate replacement, costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Here are a few maintenance tips for your septic system.


    • Only toilet paper should be flushed into the toilet. Any other things, including diapers, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, hair, and dental floss, should go to the trash can because they can clog your system.


    • Clean your septic tank every three to five years. It is best practice to have a professional clean your tank because they have the required knowledge, training, and tools to handle the task.


    • Watch what goes down the kitchen drain. Coffee grounds, pasta, eggshells, meds, and food waste will harm your system.


    • Protect your drain field by reducing water use and refraining from planting trees near it. Also, do not drive or park on your drain field.



Pay Attention to Your HVAC


HVAC is an essential component in a home and promotes thermal comfort all year round. Regular maintenance ensures your HVAC system operates optimally and does not break down when you need it most. You wouldn’t want your unit to malfunction on a hot summer afternoon or a chilly winter night.


Maintenance also lessens costly repairs and increases your unit’s lifespan. You identify issues early before they escalate into big problems and wreak havoc on your system. An inefficient HVAC system, due to wear and tear or inappropriate sizing, will likely increase your utility bills significantly. Maintenance checks such issues to lower energy bills and save money.


Maintaining your HVAC is not hard. You should clean the condenser and drain lines, change air filters, and invest in a smart AC controller. Also, hire an HVAC professional to inspect your unit annually and perform repairs. If your HVACR system is problematic, check the airflow, electric components, and refrigerant charge.


Care for Your Plumbing System


A home’s plumbing system brings clean water into your home, heats it for different chores, and discharges wastewater, thus promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle. This crucial role makes it important to care for your plumbing to prevent problems, inconveniences, and huge repair bills. Prominent plumbing issues like clogged drains, leaky pipes and taps, water heater problems, and running toilets can be minimized with regular maintenance.


Below are easy tips for ensuring your plumbing is in excellent condition:


    • Install mesh drain covers in your bath and sinks to prevent debris like hair and soap from getting into your system.


    • Put a trashcan in the bathroom so your toilet bowl does not serve as one.



    • Care for your water heater by flushing it annually and changing the anode rod after five years.


    • Consider cleaning showerheads with vinegar to eliminate mineral deposits that reduce efficiency.



Your home is your earthly paradise and thus should be in optimal shape. Maintaining your septic, HVAC, and plumbing system keeps them running smoothly and efficiently to save money. Use the tips above to stay on top of home maintenance and say goodbye to inconveniences and expensive surprises.