Eating Healthy, The Buttom Line

There’s a lot of information out there about nutrition, and so many schools of thoughts that you can follow, there’s the guy who likes to take supplements, and there is the guy who tells you to “Keep it organic”, and there’s the guy who tells you that you have to eat a lot of vegetables and the other one that will tell you that you need to take some warm water in the morning, and plenty of other types that you certainly know.

In the middle of these opinions and researches, you find yourself encountering a lot of information that the matter of fact some can be true and amazing and others aren’t really beneficial.

So, how to decide what you really need to keep it healthy and be a long-living, life enjoying person.

Well, we have to make sure that we agree on some basic stuff, you need to afford the minimum that will make you healthy and afford the things that everyone agrees on, and in my opinion, you need three things, which are: Less processed organic food, Good hydration, and the third one is filling the need of your body for energy that you can’t afford by eating some of the little food that you may forget to eat if you are tired in the evening or during the day.

Okay, so let’s discuss them quickly one by one.

Organic Food

the simple fact that we can agree on is that there are a lot of companies out there that are thirsty for your money and they can put whatever they can in a product if it is going to taste good, look good and people will buy it. 

You don’t want to be that dumb person who’s going to build his body only from things that taste good and have good packaging and show up on TV with you favorite television star eating it with some great music on the background and a flying hair.

So let’s admit it, organic food that was engineered by god still the best, and was approved by everyone, so the rule is to go and buy some organic vegetables and fruits from a great farmer somewhere, and eat as much as you can, after obviously watching some videos on youtube of that specialist who tells you how to make some salad with some good sauce on it.

Proper Hydration

Water is an essential part of our body which is already 80% of water, so we as water need more water, so the more we are hydrated the more we perform well on everything, even to sleep, studies have shown that drinking water before you go to bed will help you get some good quality sleep.


Even though I’m a big supporter of the stay organic-only idea, but sometimes you need some supplements to help in the hard times, when you didn’t have enough food, you didn’t sleep well, you are stressed and you have deadlines that you’re struggling with.

Supplements such as vitamins, omega 3 and magnesium can help you and assist your body in your weakest days which are daily now, due to climate change full stress with mobile emails and you know it, but as I always say, our bodies are different, and you need a specialist that will analyze your body and tells what you need most and if you do need supplements or not. For me, I go with supplements when I need more energy and feel the overload is coming but not on a daily basis.