Few Steps to Survive Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement in today’s definition can be called supermax or isolation that involves the punishment where you make the inmate or a person stay for 22-24 hours every day without any contact or participation in any activities. They are generally locked up or shackled and even if they leave their cells, they are handcuffed. A certain Johnny Perez gave his account on his solitary confinement and he told how it all started. He also mentioned that he stopped wanting to go outside even if he was allowed. Such was the effect on him.

Does solitary confinement have such negative effects on a person? Let’s find out more and also get to know some tips to survive solitary confinement.

Tips to Survive Solitary Confinement:

It is often told that solitary confinement can cause a lot of negative effects on a person’s psychological health. It can make the person suicidal, have some spatial or mind distortions, hallucinations, and other disturbing effects. If you are under confinement, it shrinks the part of your brain that is responsible for the control of your emotions. In addition to losing control of your emotions, you may also encounter some bizarre experiences after you leave the solitary confinement. Many psychiatrists believe that if you put anyone in solitary confinement, they are bound to go insane.
If you utilize it the right way you may become a better man than when you entered it. Though you are confined or locked up, you are free in a way. A person can also be completely rehabilitated when they are in solitary confinement and if done and monitored properly, they would be ready for the world outside the prison.

Imagine yourself hitting a tennis ball. Do this with your eyes closed. Can you imagine beyond hitting the tennis ball? Can you imagine what happens next after you hit the ball? Does it land somewhere else or do you imagine fetching it so that you can hit better the next time? Imagination can be one way that can help you to get out of solitary confinement’s torture.

Find a hobby and develop yourself

Do you like painting? Do you like to do math? Do anything but keep yourself updated and improving every time. You can learn different languages or work on something you want to improve. You can make up with some complex questions and come to find their solutions. You can even start working on your home issue and try to improve it or fix the necessary needs like fixing the heatlines, but as always, keep an eye on the quality of the tools you are using and only buy from known companies, check here for more info https://heatline.com/about-heat-line-products.php.

Keep your mind running and learn something new. These qualities that you imbibe when you are in solitary confinement can be of great help when you come out after serving your time. Do you know that the famous Trachtenberg system, which is mental calculation, was developed by a scientist who was given solitary confinement? He did it to kill time. Who knows, maybe you would create something extraordinary, too?
It is important to form mind perceptual images to keep the cognitive operations to happen and keep the frontal lobe of the brain working.

Another way to keep yourself busy, is to take care of a pet. Taking caring of something else, is considered one of the top ways to keep your self active, busy and even happy. So try to adopt a dog, take it with you outside, walk it, feed it some Healthy Chews and enjoy its love and companionship.

Mental imagery is a great tip to help keep you sane

Mental imagery is known to be a portable training tool. It can help you control your body better and have a great mind and body coordination. A study says that if you imagine yourself running, you automatically activate the muscles of your legs and moves. It can be the same about playing any game. Mental imagery can be very useful but can be quite tiring, too. It is tedious and painful sometimes.

Talk to yourself out loud

While you are in solitary confinement, you can talk out loud in your cell so that you can feel better. You can speak out and write some historical quotes. Think about various interesting topics like time travel, alternate, and the parallel universe and positively rewind your past. You can completely work on an alternative universe theory where you may imagine yourself sitting in a park or simply talking out loud and enacting the conversations.

Developing grit

It is not only the intelligence of a person that lets them succeed. It is often another aspect that is grit. Success to survive the solitary confinement can also depend on the high levels of grit and motivation with a great imagination. You need to require a lot of grit as motivation is taken to be underappreciated. Grit can be characterized by the perseverance you show, consistency of the interests, the effort behind a completed task. A person in solitary confinement would develop better grit than most of the other people.

Hence, the main ways to survive solitary confinement are grit and mental imagination, in addition to the others listed. Being in solitary confinement obviously has its drawbacks, but it made many people braver, more reflective, and creative. Many emerge as a new person and grow to become more resilient and determined to show the world what they are made of.