Freelancing, Your Second Source of Income

It’s becoming more of a trend to see new people joining the freelancer’s nation worldwide, it’s a nation where the citizens are all about their freedom, no fixed working hours, no single location to sit in, and the best of them all is the ability to negotiate your prices as you wish.

If you go and do a quick research to find the websites you can start freelancing on, you are going to come across numerous websites, Fiverr by far is the biggest and the most widely known, the idea of the website is simple, you simply go and research for the gig you need and have it done for you for 5 dollars.

As a freelancer, you will have to start by creating your profile as a gig seller, then you start by creating your gigs, the creation process is simple and you will be assisted in all the steps by the website. Fiverr has recently added some new features to show up your abilities as a freelancer, you can take some tests in English and the domain you want to specialize in if you pass the test you will have the new ability in your profile as a quality to help differentiate your profile.

In every big website with a lot of competition, you will have to differentiate your profile from others to stand out and get noticed by people if you want to receive more orders. If you visit Fiverr you will notice that freelancers make videos, rich descriptions with bullet points and well-done images that describe the services, these are the minimum things you have to do to get noticed and leave the visitor of your profile with a good impression.

However, there’s more to enhancing the quality of your profile, getting your first orders and change the label of your seller account from a newcomer to a level one seller, is the goal you have to focus on reaching from day one on the platform, the trick here is to sell you services at a lower price, so that you can get a fair amount of reviews to help you rise in the search results and also gain the trust of buyers that have been showing interest in your gigs.

I think freelancing is a good way to help increase your income if you already have a job, and maybe later to take as a full-time job, if your revenues hit some good numbers, but it is also important to know that you are still on the mercy of the platform, and revenues can fluctuate depending on the updates of algorithms and maybe the bugs that will occur.

To conclude, I suggest to keep yourself independent as a freelancer by working beside Fiverr and other websites, using your own website is one way of doing it, so that people can reach to you via email or a contact form, and also to get paid full price on your services without having to pay any fees to a third party. 

If you prefer to work in bigger projects and get paid at high prices you can create your profile in where you can bid on jobs that are already published and have a high priced counterpart.