How About Offshore Investing

The idea of creating a business outside your country can look at the first glimpse so unachievable and unreal, especially that if you think, well it’s going to be hard to put a business to work in your country why to take the heat and go create one in a none familiar environment.

Let’s agree that this is the big frog that you have to eat but let’s think of it in a from another angle and see what are the enormous advantages that you can get.

The first two important points that everyone brings to the table when they want to create a business are profit and investment, so what is the amount you need to invest to make a well-established business that will make you some good profits?.

Let’s talk about the investment using a concrete example, let’s say that you live in the US and you want to create a coffee shop, the investment you need to buy an asset in a boulevard in a dense corner of the city with a fear amount of daily traffic, it’s going to be insanely expensive, however if you decide to buy a look alike asset in an Asian or an African country maybe not in the biggest major cities, you will pay way less money including the cost of rearranging the place, the personnel and the preparation of the coffee shop. The idea here is, you will ensure a recurring profit from your business, with a low initial investment that you can rely on to create a second one, maybe in a different location.

You have to not underestimates the profits you can make in the new emerging countries, especially if the nature of the business you want to create is a mainstream type of businesses that exist in every country.

Many companies have gone in the same path and they are doing a crazy amount of money, while they benefit from the lower wages, assets prices and highly educated personnel, this can be very doable if you have some friends or family in those countries since you can supervise more confidently and lower the number of interventions or visits you have to put in managing the business.

Let’s face it, people nowadays manage their businesses in their own countries using email, Skype and their smartphones, while the distances become shorter using these technologies, all you need is a good staff, a good project idea and a good lawyer or an accountant to advise you on the formal procedures you have to take, and those can also be hired for a very relatively lower costs.

The technologies we have today, give us the ability to manage everything from a distance, you can manage your Ads, your bank transfers, and check out your profits and reports on a daily basis, especially if you use new payment methods that nowadays start to be highly included in the payment ecosystem of these countries, such as PayPal, Mobile payments and cryptocurrencies, etc. The future of payment is becoming more coherent and looks the same in all part of the word, now we are facing the launch of Libra that according to many analysts is going to be one of the most used currencies and payment methods in the world.