How About Some Juice Fasting

No doubt that the whole world suffers from toxins that come from the polluted air we are breathing and the highly processed food we encounter every single day.

Our Bodies struggle a lot to eliminate toxins while we are sleeping, but some of it ends up in our bodies due to the overload. 

Some of the symptoms we feel during the day are only propagation of the toxins we absorb, such as skin allergies, headaches, and coughs, etc.

So the need to help our bodies in the process of detoxing is a must. 

Many studies have shown that juice fasting can be a great solution to the problem, also, it’s a safer way to detox, and also it has so many beneficial effects. 

Juice fasting can treat biochemical imbalances, help regulate our cholesterol levels, and treat acne and allergies, etc.

The idea is to give the body a rest from the heavy daily process of digestion, that will reserve more energy for the immune system to do a better job on focusing on the elimination of toxins using the organs that used to be in full service while digesting your food and liquids such as your kidneys, intestines, gallbladder, liver, and pancreas, etc.

When you enter your second day of fasting the body will start to consume his own tissues in a process of autolysis. Your body will burn his cells and start to decompose them, this way the diseased, dead and also the aged ones among your cells will be replaced by new ones.

Your stomach also enters in this process, when there’s not much food inside it will shrink and become less acidic.

Your body may experience some fatigue, headaches in this early stage that will despair later, but are a must since your body has entered a new process of managing your recent diet.

Now let’s talk about the types of fruits and vegetables you can juice to build your diet from.

Vegetables are mostly good but there must be a balance to everything, right? So that’s the rule, try to combine pieces of different vegetables that you like and construct your shakes, start with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and celery.

Fruits are your best friend so enjoy them as you can especially if you don’t have any type of disease that will prevent you from eating a particular category of fruits. Start with apple and carrot juice. 

You can search the internet and find great compilations of juice and vegetables that you can prepare that will taste wonderful. 

It’s recommended that you keep your juice sugar free and use only the most organic vegetables and fruits you can find.

As for the water, it’s an important ingredient of your diet, it is recommended that you use distilled water at a 50% rate of your juice.

Don’t cheat, Buying ready juice from the supermarket is not the way to go, you have to make sure that you prepare your diet yourself, or make someone that you trust to prepare it for you, and keep it fresh every day, since the goal here is not to keep drinking juice every day but to drink healthy organic juice every day that is toxins free.

The Longer the juice stays the less fresh it becomes so you have to prepare a simple agenda and organize your schedules so that you prepare your juice before every meal or at least in the morning every day.

One last advice, Work out and use this diet and also try to be as hydrated as you can, this is a good diet to test and trying it will refresh your body you can set a moment every year to do the same thing. 

Remember, our bodies are different and the best person to tell you what diet will fit your body is a nutrition specialist and your doctor, asking your doctor for advice and seeing a specialist will definitely be beneficial to set the correct duration of fasting, the best food you can choose, and also the correct amount of exercise you can have while you are on the diet.