How to Cheer Up Your Next Special Event

We’ve probably all been to those parties that are just missing something. They’re dry, they’re dull, they’re lifeless, and you still have to go. It makes you wonder what you would do differently if you were put in charge of planning a whole get-together from start to finish.

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Lots of people seem to follow a simple formula: find a venue, get some basic foods like pizza and burgers, invite their guests, and go from there. Maybe there are a few games such as cornhole and music played from a speaker. That’s your standard party, and there is nothing wrong with it in and of itself.

But if you have felt recently that the gatherings you’ve been to have been missing that special something, and you want to do it better, you could probably use some ideas around how to do that.

And we are here to help. Here are three ways to cheer up your next special event.

Hire Live Music

Live music is something you don’t see at every party and get-together, but it’s something you’re not likely to forget when you see and hear it. And any kind of party can benefit from live performers.

Are you throwing a surprise birthday bash? An anniversary party? A graduation celebration? Think of what kind of music the person likes or at least what sort of music would lend your event some real energy.

You could go for a rock band, gospel singers, a jazz band, or any other genre you can think of. This could be a really fun idea.

Employ a Comedian

Music is one thing, but if that’s not your thing, you might want to get people feeling light and loose by hiring a comedian to work your party. Lots of comedians double as emcees who can lead your event through from start to finish while still throwing in some hilarious comedy bits from time to time.

Or, you can center the whole party around the comedian’s set, having it be an event all unto itself. Just like with live music, be sure you know your guests and what they would like. Comedy is hard to give to everyone, as everyone’s humor is different. Raunchy humor may not be right for your grandparents, but it could be perfect for your friends.

Hire a Magician

Finally, you have the chance to dazzle each and every one of your party guests when you hire a magician to perform at your party. From card tricks to mind games and other forms of trickery, a magician’s arsenal is seemingly never empty. This is one way to get your guests excited about attending your party, since it isn’t often you attend any kind of event where magic tricks are promised.

Just like the comedian doubling as the master of ceremonies, many magicians also act as comedians while they perform. It just adds to the entertainment value, and if you’re throwing a lighthearted event, a funny magician would be perfect.

These are all ideas you can use to liven up your next party, and one thing we can say about them is that, if you do any of them, you are sure to stand out amongst the crowd.