How to Organize Jewelry in a Newly Renovated Master Bedroom

Fewer things give homeowners happiness like renovating their homes. If you have recently renovated your master bedroom, you may need some help getting it organized. Read on to see how you can organize some of the most important items in your space, like your jewelry and beauty products.

Get Jewelry Trays

Jewelry trays are a functional and beautiful way to help you store your jewelry while displaying it in your master bedroom. Just make sure to use some soft or gentle lining for extra sensitive pieces, such as those that have diamonds in them. Diamonds, which rank 10 on the Mohs scale and are the most concentrated form of pure carbon on earth, are also the strongest minerals on earth. Regardless of this, they may be scuffed or discolored if stored in an improper way, so make sure that your storage solution won’t leave a mark on the stone or the material on which the stone itself is set, potentially ruining your jewelry.

Make Use of Ring Dishes

Rings are small and people will often own more than just one or two of them. This necessitates a storage solution that will make it easy to store and retrieve them, and there’s no better option than ring dishes. Small and handy, these can be placed on your vanity table or another specially-made surface where you will have an easy time depositing them and picking them back up. There are many different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors that you can use, depending on what you specifically want, so shop around for pieces that will match your newly renovated space.

Consider Wall Organizers

Wall organizers will work well for different types of jewelry, from long necklaces to fancy earrings and more. Depending on the type of jewelry you want to store, you have a variety of options available in the form of wall organizers. From hooks and hangers to little storage boxes that can be placed along the wall in an attractive way, your renovations will dictate what you can work with. Every year, Americans spend over $400 billion on residential renovations and repairs, so you’re in great company. This means that you can get some ideas both from friends and family about the types of wall organizers people get based on the way their homes look after a renovation.

Update Your Jewelry

When looking for a storage solution for your jewelry, make sure that you’re only keeping pieces that you actually use. Go through the pieces and separate those you wear regularly from those you only wear on special occasions. Include a third category which will comprise of the pieces that you can’t remember when you last wore and have no idea if you will ever wear them. For this last batch, there’s no need to look for storage for them. Either give them away or sell them so you have more room for what you actually use.

Keep Similar Items Together

The best way to keep your jewelry organized is to group similar items together; then, find a way of making them look nice and tidy. This means that rings should be separate from bracelets and necklaces, and so on. When you do this, you will have an easy time keeping things organized and easy to reach whenever you need them and put them back when you’re done with them. The top three home projects that are completed are bathroom remodels, installing new flooring, and interior painting, so if you’ve repainted your master bedroom as a part of the renovation, this will have some sway on the specifics of the organizational aids that you buy.

Follow these tips to organize your jewelry and maintain an amazing space in your newly renovated master bedroom!