Life Changing Fast? It’s Not Just You

Since the pandemic, life has changed quickly for single, divorced, and married women. It has caused chaos in the lives of couples, families, and singles. Many women are working remotely, caring for their family, moving, divorcing, and finding new ways to make their homes a place to enjoy living. Life is changing fast, and it causes stress.

Working Remotely

Working remotely has been shown to be harder for women with children than for men. Many feel like they need to juggle taking care of the children, cleaning the house, and work. Remote women workers should ask employers for flexible work schedules and help with childcare.

Hybrid workplaces sometimes create power differences depending on who is in the office and who works remotely. This can be addressed by women by asking for the supplies and resources that they need, talking with managers, and finding ways to advise the company to train remote workers. Getting together with other remote women workers and forming a group that addresses these issues can be a way for women to improve remote working conditions.

Women are working more remotely today or combining going into the office and remote work. Interviews to find work may be a combination of phone, video, and in-person interviews. Women seek flexible work schedules, training and mentorship, and benefits that promote good health. Many companies now want employees with flexible skills willing to learn and fill different roles when needed.

The global workforce has 70% passive talent not seeking work and 30% actively seeking jobs. Women should learn new skills by taking courses and attending seminars and workshops. Skills sought by employers are computer and technical skills, good communication skills, networking, and the ability to play more than one role. Women should seek advice from professional associations, employment agencies, and networking opportunities.

Moving During The Pandemic

Many families and women moved during COVID-19 due to a new job, company relocation, or wanting to live in a rural area. Those that lost their job relocated to find another job or due to divorce. When moving, try to get support from family or friends and do not do it alone. Consider hiring a moving service to help you organize and relieve some stress associated with moving.

Many women and families moved to residential areas outside of the city to live in a better-quality environment. No matter why you move, it is a stressful process, and setting attainable goals to clean out a house or apartment takes time. About 14 to 23 million people are planning to move due to remote work. Seek advice when moving on ways to cut costs and make it less stressful. There are non-profit and charitable organizations that help with the cost of moving for lower-income families and individuals.

Divorce Rises During The Pandemic

During the pandemic, due to added stress and fear, more couples and families contemplated divorce than ever before. Being home facing health concerns, financial problems, homeschooling, and other stresses led to a rise in divorces. Divorce often affects women financially and emotionally much differently than men.

Women initiate divorce procedures 69% of the time, and this figure goes up to 90% for college-educated women. Before considering divorce, think about seeking counseling to find ways to work out your differences. Create a plan to share your home and give yourselves more privacy. Consider a mediator to help you both get a fair financial and emotional deal in your divorce if that is the best solution.

Upgrading Your Home

Many single women, couples, and women with families are upgrading their homes or living space to make them more enjoyable to live in. Women are adding gardens and growing some of their own produce, upgrading or remodeling the kitchen known as the center of the home. Some families are adding barbecue areas, playhouses, game rooms, and other activities for children.

From simple to complex upgrades, improving your living space will improve your lifestyle and mood. Simple improvements like painting the cabinets, putting up new curtains, and getting new appliances can go a long way to making daily life more manageable.

These are some reasons life is moving fast and advice as well as ways you can cope with the changing world. Finding ways to cope with changes in jobs, relationships, and daily life helps to relieve stress.