Self-Driving Cars, Why We Need Them As Fast As Possible?

Electric vehicles are going to be the future it’s a sign to pick nowadays since all the major companies of the automotive industry, are presenting their new electric cars with their new abilities of fast recharging and AI technology.  


The world will definitely be a better place, with less emitting vehicles, many of the diseases we know today come from the polluted environment we’re living in, we want a world with less asthma and skin reactions, and also with the ability to stop the global warming, our planet is encountering.


I think it’s our duty today, to respond to this new wave of technology that will fulfill our daily needs of transport with the benefit of not harming the world we’re living in with more carbon emission. 


It is started to be clear that the future of transport that people want is all about self-driving, and the switch we are encountering today will be best if we will be able to switch to the automatic self-driving cars but also fully electric non-emitting cars.


AI today is changing our daily usage of technology and transport is one of the sectors that will rely heavily on AI, companies are in a rival competition to bring a fully self-driving car to the consumers, the progress that has been made, already shows that we are closer than ever to a level 4 to 5 fully automatic car.


Many companies have shown their abilities to make the next-generation self-driving cars, big names such as Nvidia, Google, Apple, Uber, and Tesla have done some great progress in this direction but Tesla appears to be the one that’s leading the way right now, there are other companies that went to create new solutions such as a new software to upgrade your old car to be a self-driving car, one company that made big advancement is, the company promises to be ready in a few months.  


After the launch of the model 3, Tesla has received a ton of demand for the lower-cost model through their website, a good sign to show that the world is willing and ready to switch to electric cars. 


Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla made some big announcements about his plans to make the cars fully automatic by 2020 if the regulation is ready, the progress that is made today by the multiple companies approves that we are closer than ever to achieve the goal of level 4 fully automated self-driving car.


Tesla has published already footage showing the car in a fully automatic mode on an actual highway without any intervention from the driver, the footage shows a tesla car driving itself, stopping, changing speed, taking turns, etc.


Elon also promised that the Teslas will be able to make money for their owners, by renting a car when they are not in use via a managed service that the company may launch when they go fully automatic.


The exciting part is that the teslas on the roads today, are already able to go fully automatic without any hardware upgrade, all is needed is a software update to make them fully on service.