What Beauty Businesses Are Dealing With Now?

beauty businesses

In the beauty business, it is essential to always stay updated on the latest trends, the latest beauty products and the latest directions of beauty, so as to not get left behind.

The best way of doing this is by following what sells more and what successful beauty business startups are involving in.

A good way to study this is by analyzing the results of a competition organized by the “Beauty and Money conference” to find out the 12 most interesting beauty business startups.

Clean and natural beauty products

Many beauty products have been shown to have adverse effects on the skin and general body in the long run.

This is why there has been a recent obsession with clean beauty products which are beauty products that are safe and do not contain substances that could be toxic in the long run.

Everyone wants to maintain their beauty and at the same time stay away from toxic products so most customers have been intentional about getting clean beauty products even though they tend to be more expensive.

This makes it a great idea for any beauty business to go into providing clean beauty products so as to thrive.

Asides clean beauty products, customers are also on the lookout for natural beauty products since they now regard anything natural product as toxin free.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to provide customers with more natural and clean beauty products especially due to the fact that they are more expensive.

Personalization of beauty products

A lot of beauty businesses now go as far as personalizing products for each consumer.

For instance, one of the winners of the competition; Amareta has beauty products for different stages of the female hormonal cycle and can make recommendations based on the conditions of the customer.

Some like Nectar go as far as producing your own beauty product for you in their store while you wait based on the specifications you want.

This is a very good idea that would not cost much to implement and would, in the long run, bring hefty returns for anyone in the beauty business.


This is another new trend in the beauty business that customers have seemed to fall in love with.

Beauty businesses now explain their production process to customers so as to educate them on how the process of producing their beauty product is special and awesome.

Not only that, they tell them about the active ingredients and the mechanism of action of each of them on their body.

This has been working well as the customers get convinced about the effectiveness of the beauty product due to their new found knowledge of the science behind it.

This is the method employed by Acaderma, one of the winners of the competition and it is been working well for them. Therefore, it is advisable to follow that trend too.


Direct – to – Customer

A lot of beauty businesses make use of multi-brand retails but recently customers have been patronizing brands that sell directly to customers because most customers believe they can trust a beauty product and whatever functions it is said to perform when it comes directly from the manufacturers.

Although, most beauty businesses still make use of multi-brand retails it is a good idea to go into direct – to – customer sales to so as to develop the trust of customers in the brand.