You Need Homeowners Insurance: Here’s Why

Homeowner’s insurance is a very common expense for people. However, they may not even know why they need it. This could make it tempting to skip purchasing it or buy the cheapest possible option. However, homeowner’s insurance is essential to the well-being of your family, your house, and your lifestyle. Here are some important reasons why you need homeowner’s insurance.

A Mortgage Might Require It

Many people buy their houses with a mortgage. The mortgage lender wants to make sure that their investment is safe, so they’ll often require that you buy homeowner’s insurance as part of your agreement. At least 85% of homeowners have insurance, with policies often costing an average of $1,445 each. If you’re thinking you’ll skip that expense, you may not be able to do so if you want a mortgage. So, while there are many benefits to a homeowner’s insurance policy, the most direct reason to get one is to ensure you are able to pay for your home.

Unexpected Damage

No matter how well you maintain your home, things can happen. Severe weather can destroy your exterior, causing thousands of dollars in damage. For example, you might get hit by a tornado. Tornadoes are most common from March through August and are more likely to occur between 3 P.M.and 9 P.M. However, they can happen at any time, often with no warning. If you have homeowner’s insurance, they can cover the repairs your house will need. Without insurance, you might be on the hook for large amounts of money.

Protect Your Belongings

Homeowner’s insurance protects the items inside of your home as well. If your belongings are damaged, you may be able to replace them through your insurance company. This is very useful in situations like house fires. There are over 45,000 electrical fires in the United States each year. These fires can destroy your home and your belongings, so you’ll need a way to replace them. By getting insurance, you’ll be in a position to get the money you need to replace your things and move on from this situation.

Cover Injuries On Your Property

If entertaining is part of your lifestyle, then you’re likely to have a lot of people over to your home. There is always a chance that someone could get injured on your property. If it was due to your actions or lack of action, you might get sued. Thankfully, homeowner’s insurance can help you cover these expenses. They will pay the medical bills if someone is injured, keeping you from having to pay them yourself.

Cover Housing In Certain Emergencies

If your home is completely destroyed, you’ll need somewhere else to live. Whether you’re rebuilding your property or looking for a new place, that process can take a while. This means you’re going to have to stay somewhere temporarily while that work gets done. Hotels can be expensive, especially if you’re staying in them for a long time. If you have insurance, it will cover your expenses in certain situations. Talk to your insurance company to make sure that you have this coverage. If you don’t, you should consider adding it on. That way, if you need it, you’ll have it.

Homeowners insurance is an essential part of taking care of your home, family, and lifestyle. It keeps you safe from situations that you can’t even begin to expect. Make sure that you buy the right kind of coverage for your situation. That way, you can rest assured that your family will be protected and you’ll have the ability to rebuild after something happens to your home.