YouTube as a Source of Income

Youtube has become the platform to go to research stuff, especially that people don’t have the time to read and take notes, it has been proven to the world now that if you can’t do something you can find someone to teach you how to do it on youtube, the matter of fact that youtube now has become the second biggest search engine after google.

Creators upload videos every day and the competition becomes more and more rival, to get your first subscribers and kick your career in youtube it’s not the simple task it becomes a bit more demanding than before, So how to start your youtube channel and start making money out of it?

The algorithms of youtube have become smarter, YouTube now knows if your video really has the right content as the title and the description, spot people in the shots of your video, detect what the sound and the visuals are all about.

So YouTube try to get to you to do one thing, create content that will satisfy the viewers on the platform, and they are really good at doing that, they can collect signals from the interactions around your video and know if people really want to watch it or not.

The first problem that you will encounter when starting your channel is to have a base of subscribers or viewers at least to kick your video and collect data about it to see if it is going to be watchable by the mass or not.

The fastest way is to use ads, YouTube ads can help you reach enough people to kick your video, but you have to make sure that your video is a piece of high-quality content that people are willing to watch, and if you are lucky enough and your video goes viral the number of subscribers will skyrocket organically.

If you have other social media channels or a website that has a good amount of traffic then you can use it, it can help increase your views account and subscribers.

Publishing in a high frequency can help you achieve your goal faster but the quality needs to be good enough to attract more people.

To start monetizing your channel you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, to get to a thousand subscribers you can start with all the available ways that you know, friends, family, Ads, WhatsApp groups, facebook groups, etc.

To reach 4000 hours of watch try to make long videos like webinars and live sessions that you can upload to your channels, you can also make compilations of your videos, this way you can monetize your channel as fast as possible.

When you start monetizing your channel you have to make sure that you publish at a daily basis to test your chance in getting one of your videos to go viral, and that’s the goal, if you reach around one million in one of your videos that means you are in a good way to get your first 10k subscribers, and if your videos are of good quality and your watch time is pretty high you can reach your 100k very fast, and if so you can expect thousands of dollars per month after Youtube takes their cut of¨45% of the profit, many YouTubers reach that milestone and the key here is a great content and a high frequency of publication.