5 Reasons to Work in a Blue-Collar Industry

If you love working with your hands, being a highly skilled craftsperson, or want to work side by side with America’s physical laborers, then blue-collar work is the perfect industry for you. There are many benefits of working blue-collar jobs that could last you a lifetime. Below are some of the many reasons people are now turning to this lucrative industry.

1. Learning Timeless Crafts

When it comes to blue-collar work, you will learn and develop trades that are timeless. This means that no matter the changing tides of technology, your skills will remain relevant. From welding to carpentry, these are skills that will last several generations and can be passed down from master craftsman to apprentice.

For instance, stone pavers know how to work with three materials, including natural stone, brick, and concrete, and have been doing so for hundreds of years. As a paver, you can help people decide which of these timeless materials can fit their budget. In addition, you can help them pick the right colors and finishes that harmonize with their home’s existing style.

2. Security of a Steady Job

In 2022, the Roofing Contractor industry market size reached $56.1 billion. For many people, blue-collar jobs provide the stability of a steady job with few economic downturns or shifts in employment. Once you’ve put in the hard work and dedication to mastering a skill, you can rest easy knowing that your job is likely to be secure.

As an example, there will always be a need for quality plumbing. The aging infrastructure in the US is estimated to cost billions each year and so the demand for plumbers remains strong. Additionally, blue-collar jobs are often considered recession-proof. While other markets will suffer during an economic downturn, many people in the blue-collar industry can rely on their job stability.

3. Opportunity For Expansion and Job Opportunities

As of 2020, there were 98 cement production facilities located across the nation, even two in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for an opportunity to expand and increase your prospects, blue-collar jobs can open doors. The skills of a tradesperson are in high demand and this creates more job opportunities.

You can also find yourself working with a business that specializes in green energy, such as solar panel installation or battery systems maintenance. With blue-collar jobs, you can easily transition from one field to the next without having to start from scratch and relearn everything.

4. Flexible Working Hours

Unlike most white-collar jobs that require you to work set business hours, blue-collar workers often have more flexibility. You can choose when and where you’d like to work as long as it fits your schedule. This allows you to work around other commitments such as family time or even a second job.

For instance, if you’re an electrician, you can choose to take on residential projects or industrial projects. You can even specialize in a certain type of electrical work, such as installing generators or providing maintenance for large buildings.

5. Little Education Required

Blue-collar laborers must be certified in their trade, but the educational requirements are often minimal. This is great for those who do not have a college degree but still want to make a decent living or start their own business. This also makes it easier to transition from one job to another without having to go back and relearn everything from scratch. Plus, many blue-collar jobs offer on-the-job training so you can learn as you go and get paid for your experience. This allows you to gain the skills necessary for a successful career in a fraction of the time it would take to complete a four-year degree.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should consider working in a blue-collar industry. With its timeless trades, job security, and flexible hours, it’s no wonder this industry is growing in popularity.