7 Historical Cities on the East Coast to Visit

America has been inhabited for hundreds of thousands of years, yet only within the last five hundred years did it start to gain the form of what we now call the United States.  This incredible country has history ribboned throughout it, but the East Coast might have a lock on being able to say it has more than any other area.


These are seven cities that are full of history and intrigue on the East Coast!

St. Augustine, Florida

Now known for its Spanish colonial architecture and sandy beaches, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States!  At 457 years old, this city continues to change and grow.  While here, you can visit its museums and check out the Castillo de San Marcos: a 17th-century stone fortress.

Jamestown, Virginia

Founded in 1607, this 415-year-old city has a lot of history packed into its small area.  Although only 15,000 people currently call this city home, it’s a fantastic area to visit if you want to get as much history as possible.  Multiple museums and recreations of a fort and Powhatan village ensure that you can explore and learn as much as possible.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Turning 339 years old in 2022, Philadelphia is the second-youngest city on this list, but its history can’t be ignored!  Philadelphia is best known for being where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed, as well as being the home of the Liberty Bell.  Full of a fantastic mix of museums and art galleries, you’ll feel inspired as you learn here. 

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond had originally been an important village of the Powhatan Confederacy before being settled by English colonists from 1609 to 1611.  Only existing as Richmond for the last 285 years: this city is packed with history and incredible sights to see.  The median age is only 34 here, meaning this is a great place to settle down if you’re a young professional or starting a family, and houses for rent in Richmond are reasonably priced.

Albany, New York

Turning 408 this year, Albany is one of the most interesting historical cities on this list.  You can visit everything from the Schuyler Mansion to the New York State Capitol, which is a giant government building that hosts multiple tours.  This city is full to the brim of museums and historical attractions for anyone interested.  

Jersey City, New Jersey

Founded in 1617, Jersey City is an extremely busy city full of fun things to do and see, including museums, parks, museums, and sightseeing.  There are many historical spots where you can visit, anything from where Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton to visiting the waterfront of Upper New York Bay.  This city is packed with history and entertainment.  

Hampton, Virginia

Turning 412 in 2022, Hampton, Virginia, is a beach town unlike any other.  Visiting here allows you to see one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, as well as explore tons of gorgeous historical landmarks and interesting locations!

This East Coast Has So Much History

The East Coast is an incredible area of the country that everyone should check out if they have the chance!  Not only is there a lot of history here, but there’s also some of the best food and people you’ll ever find!