8 Things you should keep in mind before building your own home

Your dream house provides you with ease and comfort when you start living in it. However, you have to keep in mind some of the most important things before you start building your dream house. The important things will keep you secured from the regret over the wrong decision that you may take before building your dream home. If you keep the following points in mind before building your dream home, you will not make a mistake.

1- Understand that you are building for the future

You must keep in mind that you are going to settle in an area where you have to live a major part of your life. It may be possible you spend the entire life of yours in the home. The environment of the area will directly affect your life and the lives of your family members. The home needs to be well-developed with all necessity of life.

2- Choosing the design

You have chosen a prime location for your home; now you need to determine a nice design for it.

You also need to consult every member of your home to participate in the design selection process. You can finalize a design that suits your family requirements and matches the advanced architecture model of the time.

The design once selected cannot be altered thereafter. The plan will be made accordingly.

So make sure the design should also match your lifestyle.

3- You need to keep the size of the house in your mind

If you are a family of seven members you need a large house with more than five rooms at least. The courtyard and the backyard also needed along with the garage for keeping a car inside. Also, you have to determine the budget for all this. Once you start a house without determining or arranging for the adequate budget your house will remain incomplete and the cost of construction will continue to increase.

4- The time

The house is not a shop that can be constructed within the week with limited labor. You are going to construct a large house. You have to look for a well-reputed contractor who completes the construction work to your satisfaction in a limited budget and a definite time. A nice contractor turns your dream into reality by constructing the home of your choice.

5- The agreement between you and the contractor

Before the contractor starts building your house, everything regarding construction should be well-defined between the contractor and you.

No confusion should be there. Even the payment method should also be well defined. Despite that, the plan is well defined and the design has been finalized; some basic changes surely have to be made sometimes. If the need arises and the changes have to be brought about, you need to negotiate with the contractor to come to an agreed point. Make sure you and he agreed on the heating solution you want to use, this website here will give you some tips on how to keep your home warm during freezing nights.

Also, only choose a contractor that takes care of his employees’ safety and uses up to the task types of equipment. There is no harm in asking him to check on what kind of equipment he uses, ask questions like I was wondering if you are using the best industrial scale in the market? and what kind of cement machines are using?

This is how the dream house is well-constructed.

6- The foundations

The foundation of your home will be laid only for once. The foundation of your home matters a lot. It cannot be laid again once you have raised a house on it. After some years, if you want to turn it into a double-story-house, you cannot rely on the foundations previously laid for the single-story house.

The construction of a double story house on a weak foundation can be disastrous in the wake of an earthquake or any other natural calamity. Either you discard the idea of building a double-story house or you put the solid foundations of the house with steel right for the first time; with the intention that you may plan in the future to raise your house to the level of more than two stories.   

7- Daily Follow-ups

Visit the construction site daily to keep an eye on the latest development happening in the construction work. The mistake or misunderstanding can be made up easily. If you visit the construction site with long intervals, you will not help make up the deficiency occurring in the meantime.

The contractor will also have been very careless about the original plan of your dream house. if he feels like you are not checking with him.

8- The deadlines

A time-limit should be well-defined between the contractor and you. Sometimes, the construction work is delayed by construction due to many reasons.

If the final date of the completion of the construction has been determined between you and the constructor, the house will be ready on time. By virtue of deadline determined between you and the constructor, the constructor will be bound to extend the working hours for the completion of the task. The night-shift will also be brought about for the on-time completion of the house.


The dream of your sweet home cannot come true without keeping in view some of the important points in mind. The home location, design, size, constructor and many other minor but very important things above-discussed assume great importance in the completion of a dream home. You stay in touch with the constructor and the construction site during the process of construction.