How Companies and Customers Are Dealing With The Holiday Season In A Pandemic

During an unusual year where COVID-19 has changed the fabric of our society as we know it, Home Depot is reinventing this year’s edition of the Black Friday holiday festivities; this is an attempt to improve the customer shopping experience, in part by prioritizing customers and associates’ safety and wellbeing this season

Instead of focusing on one particular weekend, Home Depot will offer month-long deals giving shoppers extra time to enjoy them, Amazon another actor is also trying to make this year so special, since this is the 1st time this is happening, as from November 6, Home Depot customers will have access to the deals in stores and online. This year’s Black Friday promotion will last until December 2, providing customers with ample time to shop before the key holiday dates. Deals include an Aria 30-Quart Touch Screen Air Fryer Oven to mention but a few. Home Depot mobile app users started viewing deals from October 26, this was another 2020 1st. The app also has a product locator feature to check inventory at local stores further simplifying the shopping experience this holiday season. Starting November 2, customers can pre-order live Christmas trees and pick them up at their convenience.  Home Depot has taken this route to avoid traffic and crowds in-store in line with COVID 19 precautions. Like other retailers who will be pushing the hottest deals online of the season, Home Depot Black Friday Deals will be different as shoppers and employees’ safety is a top priority.

Tips to get the most out of Black Friday

  •  Skip the in-store sales and shop online.

There will probably be fewer big in-store promotions this year due to the pandemic—there is no reason to attract crowds—and an emphasis on online shopping, with either free delivery, or same day delivery for Amazon. The shift to online shopping has been so successful, many retailers are implementing this strategy and offering promotions throughout the whole month, this will essentially turning Cyber Monday into a Cyber November. This makes the possibility of retailers reacting to prices offered by their online competitors, resulting in new deals emerging throughout the holiday shopping period.

  • Download apps like Slickdeals 

For those looking to automate their Black Friday experience a bit this year, consider downloading apps like slickdeals. This app is available for your smartphone and browser extensions that plug into your favorite internet browser and alerts you of cheaper prices and deals. There are loads of discounts, promo codes, coupons, coupon codes for all your favorite brands. Slickdeals can save you some time sifting through Black Friday deals as it supports all the big brands. This app will also help you organize your shopping days to maximize savings because many stores offer special discounts that are time-specific, such as early bird sales. For those on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you might find special sales and friends and family codes, especially on the run-up to Black Friday Week. These promotions might promise additional discounts, for example, 30% off, if you shop between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.

  • Create a budget—and stick to it.

 As simple as this sounds simple, Black Friday sales by other retailers might be available in limited quantities, these are designed to get you shopping online so that the retailer can try to sell you items you weren’t intending to buy. The truth is it’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday and overspending. Decide ahead of time how much you are willing to spend on your Black Friday shopping spree will help you avoid unnecessary purchases. We encourage customers to try their best to resist impulse buying, especially when unsure how good a deal is.

With Black Friday around the corner, we hope these tips will aid in your shopping experience.