How to secure and prepare yourself if you are living next to a wild animal area

It is your foremost duty to protect yourself and your family members from wild animals if you live next to the animal area. The life of yours and the lives of your dear and near ones remain under threat of being attacked by the wild animals any time of the day or night. What are the precautionary measures to be taken to stay protected in such areas? The animals behave naturally. They are neither cruel nor innocent. The lion was born to live life the way it lives. Lion does not know you. Now you have to take solid measures to avoid the attack of the animals that are your next-door neighbors. The crafts and tools to secure your home are available everywhere and you can get them online to do it as fast as possible.

1- Contact to the Wildlife Office

If you have newly settled in an area where the wild animals are your next-door neighbors, you need to contact the wildlife office in the area. You will surely be given the best information about animals. Also, the information about the presence of ferocious animals in the area will be shared with you.

You will be told to stay alert at some particular time when the animals generally attack. Some of the other information-cum-instruction will be shared with you.

They may also train you, on how to use CPR and do first aid for others, as they have all the equipment like the best CPR mannequin to show you steps of doing it and give you advice.

You will also be given some tools or weapons to tackle with the situation while you are suddenly attacked by a wild animal.

2- Keep your dog on a leash

While living next to the wild animal’s areas you have endangered your lives badly. You are at the risk of being attacked by any wild animal. Not only you but your pet animals are at the mercy of the wild animals. However, you may have a pet dog that always stays alert to safeguard you and your family members. Also, pet animals are better safeguarded by the dog. You need to keep your dog on a leash. It will continuously perform its duty in the face of any danger. Even the wild animal that is bigger than the dog in size and power will not dare to enter the yard quite easily.

3- Keep your campsite clean

While you are temporarily staying in the area where the wild animals are abundant, you need to be careful about the cleanliness of your campsite. Keep your campsite clean so that the wild animal could not smell the edibles and attack your campsite. Also, make sure all your buildings are covered and well maintained. You can also, check to know more…

And be careful, the edible items are needed to be placed inside the van. The neat and clean campsite remains secured from the wild animals.

4- Hike after breakfast and before supper

You certainly want to enjoy hiking in the wild areas. No doubt hiking is the best hobby and you enjoy it a lot. However, hiking in the areas where the wild animals are abundant is synonymous to endanger your life. Nevertheless, you have reached the wild area and you have determined to hike. Go out with a plan; start hiking after breakfast and before supper, it is the time when the attack of the wild animals is less likely. Also, you need to hike in groups. While hiking in groups you remain better secured. The wild animals also avoid the group with the fear of being attacked. You are supposed to keep your children close to you; don’t let them go far away all alone. Nor should they be allowed to walk separately. Come back much before the sunsets.

5- Stop your car at a safer place

While you are passing through an area where the wild animals are abundant, you should not stop there. You might be attacked by the animals all at once while you are new in the area. Have a road map with you where you go through. Also, look for a shelter to stop; you will be better secured from all directions under a safe shelter.

6- Keep a safe distance from the wildlife

You are visiting an area where you get close to wildlife. You certainly want to closely observe the wildlife. However, you need to keep a safe distance to stay protected from the attack of a wild animal. At a safe distance, you have time and place to secure yourself.

7- Carry a licensed weapon with you

You are in an area where you and your family members can be attacked by a wild animal all of sudden. You need to carry a licensed hunting weapon like a decocking crossbow to secure you and your near and dear ones if the need arises.

8- Walk on the designated tracks

While hiking in an area where the wild animals are abundant, you need to follow the designated tracks. Avoid entering the bush, lest you should be attacked by a hidden wild animal. Keep your stay at such an area on a shorter span. Do not interfere in the natural way of living of the wild animals.


You have to be very careful while staying in an area next to the wild animals. Always unleash your pet dog; hike in groups; carry a licensed weapon and keep a distance from wild animals. Keep a shorter stay in the wild environment.