Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams Using These 5 Tips!

You just got engaged? Well, congratulations, and welcome to the exciting world of wedding planning. You may have been dreaming of the big day all your life and want to make it as perfect and memorable as possible. The truth is, planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process. But worry not; here are some incredible tips for planning the spectacular wedding of your dreams that suits your lifestyle.

1. Identify Your Budget

One of the first and most crucial stages of the wedding planning process is budgeting for the whole event. Weddings can be expensive, but having a budget helps avoid unnecessary spending or unwanted extras. Crucial factors you should consider when determining the amount for your wedding include the time of the year, location, and the number of guests.

Ideally, you want the event to suit your lifestyle. Plan with your partner to have a wedding checklist. It gives both of you a mutual understanding of funds’ allocation. Ensure you work within the budget till the end for a smooth process. When researching to determine what will fit your budget, keep in mind that discrimination can occur based on sex, race, sexual orientation, and much more. Be sure to research venues for both their pricing and their reputation. Don’t choose to cut corners and work with a cheaper vendor who doesn’t share the same values as you.

2. Choose a Venue

Choose a wedding venue that reflects your and your partner’s lifestyle. 35% of weddings take place outdoors. Whether you want a vineyard, ballroom, church, or beachside wedding setup, choose a place that ticks all boxes, including taste, preferences, and budget. Ensure your venue has the required facilities, such as tables, chairs, washrooms, a dancefloor, or an on-site kitchen, to avoid extra spending. Don’t forget to work on your guest list before securing a wedding venue. Knowing your guest count helps you select a venue that meets all your guests’ needs without compromising comfort.

3. Prioritize Your Style

Remember this is your wedding, and it’s your big day. The last thing you should do is compromise what you want to meet other people’s expectations. Prioritize a style that matches your lifestyle. To give you an idea, choose your favorite colors and infuse them where you feel happy. If you want a bubbly, bright, or dark-themed wedding, go for it.

The idea is to make the day enjoyable and memorable. Don’t disregard advice. Listen to some advice, and embrace some tips, but don’t be coerced to do something you don’t want. Remember, everyone always has an opinion of how you should do your wedding. 25% of all divorces occur in couples over the age of 50. No matter your age, be sure you’re communicating from the beginning with your spouse about your wants and expectations. Open communication will help your marriage stay strong and long-lasting!

4. Utilize Helpful Resources

When it comes to wedding planning, you need all the help you can get to stay organized. A great way to get some wedding inspiration and new ideas are through plenty of research. Do online research through social media, check Pinterest, and read bridal magazines to get more insights on planning for your big day.

5. Invest in Good Rings

Out of everything you invest in your wedding, your wedding rings are one of the items you will be left with for the rest of your lives together. First, you must get rings you like and fit perfectly, so you should shop together. Antique shops, malls, or jewelers are some of the best places to shop for good rings. Invest in good quality rings that match your lifestyle and personality for that feel-good experience every time you flaunt your finger. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.

Have Fun

This is your big day! You have envisioned it all your life and have taken months or years of proper planning. The journey has been uphill or downright stressful. The best thing you can do for yourself and your spouse is to enjoy it to the maximum.

Always remember to be yourself, enjoy and do what makes you happy. It’s your day, do yourself a favor and make it the most memorable day of your life!