The “Snacks Habit” You’ll Get While Working From Home

On your usual days at work, you probably spend most of your time on your desk and maybe you go every two hours or so to grab a cup of coffee or a snack while you are chatting with your colleagues. That probably what most of us do while we are surrounded by other people in a workspace, but when you’re working from home, the kitchen is just a couple feet away and everything is just you like is just there, so you are more likely to grab snacks more often, or maybe, after a while, you can change your mind and go prepare something big to enjoy, when I say big, I mean big in the number of calories. So, you will like the idea the first time and maybe you’ll try it again, maybe a couple of times a week until you find yourself making a habit of cooking during your work time.

People have other people in the house to help make food while they are working, and that’s worse because, on your usual workdays in the office, you don’t see your colleagues making food and ask them to make a sandwich for you since everyone has limited amounts and no one cooks at work, but in an apartment, yes, it happens, a lot and it’s going to be so distracting and so hard to resist when you’re working as you hear noises of that tasty pizza with that sauce you like coming from the kitchen.

The problem with these types of situations is that it builds habits in our subconscious mind, and the problem with habits is that they’re difficult to overcome, take for example people that started to drink heavily during the covid-19 pandemic, because of stress, lockdown being bored and more other reasons. The thing is that you have to manage very well your habits, and controlling yourself in regards to anything that can usually be just for fun and doing it a couple of times of the week, and it’s just because it’s the lockdown and these days will go over by the end of this pandemic, and etc. The question here is, how you are going to deal with those bad habits later, how you are going to deal with the weight you gained during the lockdown watching TV and sitting all day not moving a finger thinking you are doing a good favor to humanity by limiting the risk of getting the virus, which is good but things have to be done the good way.

I think the best way to escape this bad habits problem which is sneaking into our daily life is by putting a really serious tracking task to work that we should do every single day, so it’s just a checklist to keep an eye on, for our weight and health meters to be good. We have the tools now, like smartwatches and apps and websites that are easy to use and very helpful, that can give a good insight on body performance, and to help you calculate your body weight there are some weight calculators that can help you see what changes your body is going through.

Also, good habits are not to be forgotten, you need to take a moment every hour or so to stretch go for a quick run maybe in your backyard or on the roof of your hours, to keep oxygen levels high and your body in a state of alert and in a good healthy shape.