Things to Know Before Choosing Blogging as your Career and How It Is So Much Better Than a Traditional Job

Blogging is a great career, when you are a professional blogger you are your boss. You have the benefit of flexible schedules, and you can blog wherever you want; all you need is your Laptop and network. There is a misconception that blogging is only a part-time profession or is just a hobby, done right, blogging can be a very rewarding career path.


To be a successful travel blogger for example you need to be passionate about your craft, many make the mistake of going into blogging for the money only to find the going tough later on. Follow your passion and the money will follow you, it is the passion that motivates you to upgrade your knowledge base on a niche. One of the common characteristics of passionate bloggers is that they always on the hunt and hungry for new information in the area of their interest. Passionate bloggers immerse themselves in their craft at all times. If you are not committed to your craft like that, blogging would not be the right profession for you.

Writing Skills

Having good knowledge about a particular domain or a niche is just the starting point in the blogging journey. Along with passion, an effective way of expression is necessary. This is where writing skill comes to play. This is a skill that you will need to cultivate on your own. A prospective blogger will have to work on upgrading their writing skills by reading various books, other posts, and most importantly, writing every day. You will need to attain the ability to adjust to writing style variations of different niches you will come across. A blogger should have the confidence to adapt to change and be a proficient writer in new niches.

Blogging won’t be an overnight success

There are people with the consensus that blogging is one of the many get-rich-quick-schemes online. They have the perception that if you publish some posts, drive traffic to their blog and Google pays them. But, this is far from the truth. A lot of hard work goes on in the background as we will find out below.

 Patience, Passion, and Dedication

If you intend to take blogging as a profession, your total focus has to be on your blog. There will be a need to monitor the progress of your blog repeatedly. This is necessary because you need to fine-tune your craft, perfecting your posts, and creating engaging content. If you want your profession to last a long period you should be patient. The truth of the matter is it takes a great toll and time to bear real results. There will be times you have to handle failures with grace and not get depressed. A blogger has to possess grit and the ability to rise from failure, using failure as a learning opportunity.

You should be such kind of a person who handles failures in a cool manner, not getting depressed and instead treat failures as the opportunities in disguise; learn from it.


When you take on blogging as your profession, it is important to realize that you are now your boss! The primary reason we have bosses is to make sure we get things done. Laziness is not an option because the buck stops with you! There will be times when you don’t have the compulsion for you to follow discipline, in these moments you have to look at the bigger picture and power through. Discipline is a very important component of blogging. There should be a schedule to work at least 5 hours a day. After which you can spend the rest of your time upgrading key skills like, reading books and other blogs in areas of your subject matter.

At the end of your day you should, come up with a list of all the things you want to accomplish the next day. There should be a priority of the tasks in a hierarchy, according to their importance. Bloggers can find it lazy to blog from home, it is advisable to make office space, structure a fixed timing and treat it as you would a formal job by work from there. This forces you to be disciplined.

Be Consistent

Blogging will not bear results without a consistent effort. A Blog should never be left unattended and barren. Treat it like a baby that requires attention constantly. Be mindful a blog is a dynamic organism that needs content to remain relevant. Your followers will expect regular content so you should Fix a blog publishing schedule and stick to it. Consistent publishing compels your readers to stay connected to the blog and in the long run, it increases your readership. You may not get comments for your posts in the short term but, don’t get discouraged as long as people are reading your content. Keep the high-quality content coming, inconsistent posting ruins your brand image and hurts your reputation.

The Life of a Blogger, How It Is So Much Better?

  • Instead of begging for a pay rise at the end of each year, as a blogger your earning potential is completely in your hands
  • You will never get bored as you have the choice of what content to work on
  • Freedom as there is no one is there to tell you what needs to be done, or what direction the company is focusing on right now.
  • The world is your oyster, you can work from anywhere in the world and get to meet amazing like-minded people. You can also present yourself as a travel influencer and win some extra cash while you enjoy the world.
  • You will learn as you have never learned before due to the amount of content that comes your way

Blogging, when done right, can lead to a great career as an influencer without an attachment to a single job or location, this brings a sense of freedom. To be successful you should focus on building your brand, cultivating a loyal readership, and forging professional relationships with other bloggers.