3 Reasons to Fence in Your Property

Our homes are our dominions, a place that feels like it should revolve around us and exist only for us.  The problem with this is that our homes may be ours, but our yards are often in a gray space in between our property and the next.  A fence could quickly solve this problem, but unfortunately, many people are still unsure about wanting one.  If you’re unsure and don’t know what a fence can do for your home, here are the top three reasons you should consider building one in your yard.

1- Privacy

Even if you don’t have anything to hide, privacy is a decadent thing to have in modern times.  A privacy fence, any fence over six feet tall, is slatted so that people can’t see.  This idea means your yard is your oasis.  Although people may be able to see if they’re in a multiple story home, most people will be blocked off from any view of your yard.  This plan is beyond ideal and allows you to live freely.  Enjoy your weird new yoga kick, or sunbathe in your swimsuit, do whatever makes you happy.  Although these fences’ price is higher, the sense of having a private space outside is one that you can’t trade for anything.

2- Clear Property Lines

Not having fences means that neighbors may try to infringe on your property.  It might not be purposeful, but one day you may wake up to an ugly gazebo a couple of feet into your yard and have to deal with the trouble of getting them to remove it.  Legal battles between neighbors over property lines are more common than any other neighborhood dispute.  

Using fences as property lines isn’t an ideal way to do it; there can be complications if your neighbors have an issue with where you put the wall, the best way to follow through is have the property lines drawn again before you put in your fence.  This work protects your property from future neighbors who won’t do the same favor.  

3- Security

An unlocked but closed fence is still better than no barrier at all.  People who want to break into your home, or steal packages off of porches, are far more likely to do it if the house has no fence.  A fence is like a pen that could trap or confine them, and they don’t want to risk being unable to get back out once they’ve stolen or destroyed whatever they want to.

Peak security is a fence that can lock.  This fence makes it more difficult for anyone to gain access to your yard and home, and also makes it harder for them to leave after they’ve done whatever they came to do.  A locked fence, of any height over five feet, will keep your Ottawa real estate, and your family that lives in it, safe.

A fence can do so much for you if you are willing to put some money into it.  Giving you security, privacy, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is yours.