Working Out? This Black Friday Is Especially Awesome For You

Black Friday is a great time to snap up some truly awesome deals, especially when it comes to fitness and health products, as we saw Academy Sports + Outdoors releasing a preview of their Black Friday deals. Many retailers have shot out of the blocks early and 2020 is promising to be a good year to get some deals.

Here are some handy tips to help you make the most out of Black Friday and find the best deals.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday officially kicks off at midnight on 27th November 2020. Many deals last the entire weekend, and some will be exclusively available on Monday 30th November, for Cyber Monday.

While those are the official dates, we are projecting Black Friday 2020 to be longer than ever. Academy Sports + Outdoors Black Friday Deals already kicked off on Slickdeals, offering a month of discounts during November. This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, we’ll likely see more early deals online as retailers make up for a lack of footfall in stores.

How will Black Friday 2020 be different?

Black Friday 2020 is still likely to bring with it plenty of discounts and offers, but we are expecting to be a few changes in shopping behaviour thanks to the pandemic. Savvy shoppers will turn to online deals and we expect retailers to try and match this demand. Academy Sports + Outdoors or instance has increased their online presence in anticipation of this shift in shopping behaviour. There is a possibility that we see more delays in delivery services, which is largely the reason why retailers have chosen to start deals earlier and ensure products arrive on time.

Are Black Friday deals real?

To put it bluntly, yes, Black Friday deals are real. The deals are agreed upon by the brands and retailers, meaning they aren’t just flash sales even though that’s how they come across. Sudden price drops are also used, which is more based on consumer demand. For instance, because of the pandemic a lot of people have been stuck at home, and weight gain has increased exponentially because of this sedentary lifestyle. Academy Sports + Outdoors has realized people will be likely to try to focus their attention on getting back to pre-pandemic fitness levels, in so doing they have focused their Black Friday deals on products that aid in the quest to get fit again. Products such as bicycles are 50% off. Price-matching is also popular and most retailers will be running a price match promise.

As a consumer, keep an eye on prices in the lead up to Black Friday to ensure you are getting the best deal you can. Sometimes you may notice that some items are cheaper after Black Friday, sometimes with price drops on Cyber Monday, but this is a widely used practice. The best outcome for you is to grab a deal if it is cheaper than usual and it’s a product that was already on your wish list.

Can Black Friday deals be returned?

Legally, as a consumer, you have the same rights to refund faulty items bought on sale as you do when you pay full price. If the item isn’t faulty – for instance, and you decide you simply don’t like the product you may need to check with the retailers’ return policy. You will need proof of purchase if you want to return an item, but if you just want a repair or to exchange you don’t need the warranty.

Be decisive

Act Fast. Sometimes there will be short-term deals, especially for high-value products. In these instances, some products are available for a limited time or have a limited amount of stock. Academy Sports + Outdoors currently has high-value gym sets with a 50% markdown, we see these being snapped up real quick, they represent savings of up to $400.

Do your research

Check every deal before your purchase. A cheap deal doesn’t always necessarily mean a good deal and for certain products, you will need to make sure it is suited for you. The onus is on you to shop around. Sales events can be stressful as retailers try to convince you to make a purchase as quickly as possible. Unless it is a flash deal about to run out, give yourself time to do a quick search on the item you intend to buy and checking its availability at other retailers for less before you pay up. Make use of websites such as Slickdeals as they can give you discounts on selected brands. On Slickdeals you can get promo code, coupons, and coupon codes that can give you up to 40% off list price.

As we have already seen many retailers are encouraging shoppers to use Black Friday sales to buy early Christmas presents. In the past, Black Friday was used to getting shoppers to rush instore for Black Friday deals, whereas Cyber Monday was exclusively reserved for online deals. But due to the pandemic, both days seem to have evolved into an extended period of shopping. However, as a lot of Black Friday is now cantered around online shopping, the two events are now simply branded as Black Friday weekend. We encourage you to go out early, do as much research as possible to get the most of your money.  Fitness equipment is out there for the taking, don’t let the chance to snag a few good deals pass you by.