Internet and Streaming at the Age of The Pandemic

While we are in a universal struggle because of the pandemic, we look for new things to entertain ourselves and the people around us all day, and the internet keeps to be the only place.

Testing new Apps, watching new shows, motivational talks, and podcasts, anything to make the confinement less hard. Our daily routine can be so similar, looking for new ways to enjoy games, streaming media, and it’s all changing, since every day a new technology shows up to change it all, and more providers are stepping in to gain more customers. I’ve been curious about what Xfinity has to provide this holiday season, I’ve checked Xfinity’s website and their VOD library and internet services are looking pretty cool. I’ve been looking for other services as well, and the competition is really fierce, some services are complete with trials and bonuses, Xfinity as an internet provider, they have much footprint in the internet market, so I had to check their services.

Xfinity internet turns out to be one of the fastest internet services out there, people have been using it for a while and they made huge improvements to their customer’s service, the prices are reasonable in comparison to other internet providers, especially it’s a widely available service, and now they are one of the top providers of internet cable and streaming services.
So if you are willing or buy an Xfinity internet service or their VOD streaming service, they are offering some good deals for this period on Slickdeals, the Xfinity coupons on the website are very interesting, make sure to check them all. Slickdeals always bring some good offers, so this time it wasn’t a surprise to find more of the Xfinity offers on the Slickdeals list.

The tip I have for you when it comes to buying Xfinity products, is to check always the fine print, they have great promotional prices, all you need always to check is when your service is going to end, and to keep an eye on how long you’ll need before you will need to call back to negotiate your contract, other than that, great service and more options are showing every time, and the no-contract services they are providing are also a good alternative if you are not aiming for a 12-month contract.

Another thing you’ll notice is that the prices do vary based on the location, the prices in the east are different from what they are in the west, so a good tip is you check with your zip code to get the right prices.
The insanely fast speed Xfinity is providing s probably something that you will enjoy or maybe you will need if you are sharing the internet with family and friends and everyone is streaming high-quality videos and watching series on other streaming services, at the age of the 4k, you may need to be ready to spend a few bucks more. If you’re just like me the normal internet user that spends the day browsing all alone in your apartment or even watching your favorite series, a 25Mbs per second plan is a good choice, some of the people I know do have the 250 Mbs plan, and sharing it with 7 other roommates they have and it works with no issue.