Is it shopping or partying this year’s holiday, you think you know the answer?

In the years gone by, normal was often synonymous with the word boring. But ever since the pandemic hit, our lives have become so abnormal, we increasingly craving after things we previously took for granted: personal interaction with our loved ones and meaningful presents over Christmas. As the year comes to an end, many of us will be looking for some semblance of normality to help us celebrate a simply lovely Christmas, as we look back to simpler times.

Christmas 2020 will probably look very different than what we’re used to, like anything else this year. A regular Christmas seems like a wish that even Santa won’t be able to grant, with coronavirus infection rates growing again and impending global lockdowns coming into effect. It leaves us not sure what to expect this festive season.

Going out to restaurants

Staying in is the new going out and this has ruled out most activities we used to partake in. Going out to restaurants is now an activity a lot of people are avoiding, and the most intimate of work Christmas parties this year seems to have been scrapped. While there are venues that will be able to host revellers, we anticipate a lower uptake of such services up until a time some semblance of normalcy has been established 

Date nights and general partying have probably suffered a little during this pandemic, among all other things. It has probably been difficult to find time to enjoy becoming a couple with tension piling up, money worries and your routine going out the window. Why not try ordering a meal through Postmates? Truly treat yourself to something fancy, with ingredients that you wouldn’t necessarily try. The money you save by not going out will go to something that you’re very proud of and that you’re doing together.

Retail Therapy

No doubt, at what is usually the busiest time of year, retailers will be extremely worried about decreased foot traffic in shopping malls. But the public could be slightly pleased not to be battling the crowds this year to get their Christmas shopping done. But while the pandemic may have left many of us feeling the pinch, one way or another, Christmas shopping will still be completed, and with an ever-rising proportion of us looking to fulfil our shopping habits by turning to online shopping, the demand for home delivery is expected to be sky-high.

In anticipation of the festive season, many delivery companies have already initiated mass recruitment campaigns, and several online retailers are urging shoppers to start their Christmas shopping early to avoid missing out. The hallmark of this shopping season is the emphasis on savings, and to aid shoppers in the quest to get good deals, there are plenty of coupons and deals available from popular services like Postmates! These are proving to be extremely popular and most savvy shoppers have caught on to this trend. Postmate Coupons are available from the Postmate website and apps like Slickdeals. Shoppers can use Slickdeals to save even more at Postmates. Slickdeals offers deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts. Shoppers can also set up deal alerts to get notified of the latest deals. They also have an app so you can get deals at your fingertips. They have a Slickdeals browser extension that auto applies coupons for you

Christmas arrives sooner

This familiar sentiment in 2020 has acquired a new significance. With the Covid-19 pandemic having already dominated most of the year it is no wonder that the forthcoming holiday season has also been affected.  We’ve jumped much faster than normal into holiday shopping and this is not a bad thing. These big holidays offer a bright spot in a year of struggles, postponed plans and a new perspective on life as we know it.